"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Night at The Falls

It's no secret that one of our favorite summer past times is the swimming pool. We get family passes every year, and though we do visit on our fair share of Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and the boys go a couple of week day afternoons a week with day camp, our favorite time to go and our most frequent visits are in the evenings. Typically on nights when Daddy has to work late, the boys and I will pack a picnic supper and eat on the grassy grounds surrounding the water park fence. We love that the evenings are much less crowded, the sun isn't quite so hot (Mommy appreciates this more than the kids do), and the pool looks beautiful under a calmer more subdued sky. Sometimes I get in the water with the boys, sometimes they coax me down a water slide or two, and sometimes I pack a book and read from the lounge chairs. (Although with a baby on the way, I'm sure it will be several summers before I get my reading done at the pool again). ;)

One of our first nights at the pool this summer was on a steamy, sweltering Friday evening. And I took some of my most favorite pictures of summer. Jaden had a whole group of school buddies there to hang out with, and Brandon also found a friend or two to race down the slides with. Although by the end of the night, he had Mommy on the lazy river with him, and that sure felt like heaven for my pregnant body. :) The boys had so much fun, I had so much fun watching them, and we're looking forward to many more nights just like this one over the next couple of months.

Jaden's buddies would wait for him as he propelled off the high dive and would be hooting and hollering for him as he'd come up to the surface. It's so fun watching your kids with their friends as they grow.

These two were on a football team together last season and made quite the dynamic duo of quarterback and receiver for the undefeated Buccaneers. ;)

Check out that dab form! ;)

I love this. Brandon took to the diving boards immediately but after a year off from the high dive, it took him some time to work up his courage again. :)

But once he did it, he did it again and again and again. ;)

This is summer. :)