"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Spring Happy Things

We're heading into Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial kickoff to summer, and it seems like spring just flew by. Probably because it didn't actually feel like spring until over half way through it, but also because we have been so busy with work, house projects and baby prep.

..And there was that one snow day in April. That was frustrating. ;)

We are about to hit a major heat wave, and I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find us at the pool at least once over this upcoming extended weekend. Thank goodness I found a swimming suit to fit this growing belly!

Spring did come in like a lion, it seems - we were still playing basketball through March, we started our basement renovation project which took up huge chunks of our weekends, we started readying baby girl's room and closet, registered for a baby shower, and I flew to California for three days for my company's biggest annual meeting. Couple all of that with track practice for Brandon, Cody's first spring season with his new company and cold weather and snow that wouldn't quit... and March and April felt a bit hard and exhausting! But then May arrived. And boy has it been beautiful. I was so busy with life that I hadn't paused to think about the fact that we were about to experience our first May in our new home, and I was not prepared for how much I would love it and how at peace and at home I would feel in it. Our yard transformed from the brown and colorless tones of winter to a green and pink oasis that made my heart smile every time I looked out any of our windows. Our new windows were all opened to fresh air and singing birds on a daily basis, much of my work stress evaporated, and though we are still working on readying this home for baby girl, the hardest parts are behind us, and we are just about ready for her. We still have a car seat and stroller to purchase, some diapers to buy and some final touches to put on her room... but I feel much more prepared than I did a couple of weeks ago. I'm so looking forward to an extended weekend and all that comes with it. We can't wait to dip our toes in that fresh pool water, grill out with friends and family in our backyard... and oh heck... I'm sure the boys will all be hitting up the new Star Wars Solo movie in the theater, too. ;)

But before we fill this blog with summer and a baby, a look back at a few of our favorite moments and images of spring...

|| I took the boys to Brown Bottle during Spring Break week for their kids eat free promotion. Cody had to be out of town for a conference for work, and so the three of us cozied up in a booth, dined on pizza and pasta... and split a super yummy chocolate dessert.

||We spent a Friday evening after work exploring Cody's friend's private pond. We hope to spend some time here this summer fishing, swimming, sun bathing, canoeing... and making use of the big sand hills above it!

||Brandon's Cub Scout troop hosted the Pinewood Derby, and though Brandon didn't come away with any trophies, he and Cody did have some fun creating and designing their cars together.

||Brandon asked to read to the baby in my belly one night, and it was just the sweetest thing.

||We've been working on some additional landscaping in the backyard, and I've enjoyed some afternoons working from under that big umbrella again. On this first nice Friday in April, I sat out here and smiled at the squirrels, the birds, and reconnected with this yard we fell in love with last summer. I can't say enough about how much of a blessing this space is to us.

||Lucy has also enjoyed some spring freedom, frequently getting outdoor time after the boys get home from school. She knows the sound of the bus approaching and immediately darts to the front door awaiting her release and some sunshine.

||We spend just as much time on the front porch as we do in the back, especially now that an entire neighborhood of kids likes to ride their bikes to our driveway every day.

||And we've traded in our gym time at the rec for our own driveway every night.

||Mom hosted a baby shower for me at the end of April - an intimate affair with just a few close family members and closest friends. Scratch Cupcake put together beautiful cupcakes for us, Autumn brought me a bottle of delicious "pregnancy wine," and baby girl and I received some sweet gifts.

||The boys have been all over the neighborhood and the yard. The trampoline is back in full use, popsicles are a frequent snack, the soccer nets are always out, and we've had our share of backyard dinners and family gatherings already. Coming up soon - backyard badminton and outdoor movie nights!

||That view through our living room and four seasons room windows. This tree is only pink for about two weeks, but wow is she vibrant when she's dressed in her best. I will always have a place in my heart for this tree, as she was pink when we purchased this house, and it was one of those signs from God to me that this was meant to be our home. She is the perfect canopy for Cody's bird feeders and even when she turns from pink to green, she still provides beauty in her branches. 

||Mother's Day was a bit rainy and cool but we still had a good one. We had both of our families over for a whole spread of yummy food, and eventually it did dry out enough for the kids to play outside in the evening.

||We had our first s'mores night this past weekend, and I just love how cozy this space feels as the sun goes down.

We are ready for ya summer!