"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jaden is ONE!

Life has been very very busy the last week and a half - sorry for not updating in a while. Between work and family life, I feel like I've been running a full marathon for the last two weeks!

Saturday was Jaden's 1st birthday party, and what a success! It was a full day with lots of family and little kids running around, and Jaden loved it. (Except for the balloons!) He got some wonderful presents, but balls still continue to be his first love. He devoured his cake. It started out slowly, as he wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do with it, but once I shoved his hand into it the first time, he had no problem making a mess on his own after that. Thanks to Cody's grandma Alda for her contributions in making a delicious cake for Jaden to have all to himself! The balloons... Jaden enjoyed them before the party actually started. However, we think he got bopped in the face by them one too many times as the day went on because by the end of the party, he would quickly crawl away from them if they got near him. He looked to be afraid of them! He was such a good boy the whole day - missed his afternoon nap due to all of the excitement, but still managed to stay happy. He was just in awe of all the other kids running around.
Sunday we had his one-year pictures, and that was not as easy as they have been in the past! Jaden did NOT want to sit still at all, and after the session was over, I was almost positive that we hadn't gotten any decent pictures at all. We also tried to get some taken with he and Ella in their UNI gear, and that didn't work very well either. I think one picture of them could have turned out cute - we had Jaden positioned standing behind Ella while she sat on the ground. But Jaden ended up pulling her hair, which ruined that pose before a picture was even snapped. However, once we were able to see the pictures later on ---- there were some very cute pictures that managed to get taken amidst all the chaos.

This week at work, we had our patient open house -- that was our first big event since I joined AAD, and it was a success. It feels good to have that over with since we started talking about it the first week I was on the job last September!

Jaden continues to grow and amaze us. His new thing is not wanting Mommy to be in the shower with the door closed. The last three nights he has pounded on the bathroom door when I've been in there. Last night, he managed to bust the door open and crawled right up to the shower when I was in it. Cody raced in and brought him back out to the living room and shut the door again, but Jaden continued to bang on the door and was crying until I opened the door and he saw me again. But he still continues to be a super happy little guy! (He might not be so happy tomorrow -- we have his one-year checkup and SHOTS -- yuck!) But we also get to clear it with the doctor so we can start him on milk. We are almost done with formula!!! No more mixing bottles and no more huge payments to CVS whenever we run out of formula :)
I will post the video soon of Jaden digging into his cake. :) Cody has his first home inspections tomorrow -- he's doing them for free as practice ones, but it's finally a start!!! Please pray for him and his company -- this has been a long road to finally get this thing started, and I'm proud of him for sticking with it!