"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, February 13, 2009

Spring Please

With the nice weather earlier this week, we cooked out on Tuesday night. And all was right with the world again. It's amazing how being outside for just a few minutes can make you feel so much more alive again. I have never minded the winter. And I still am grateful that I can experience four different seasons every year. However, maybe it's due to the fact that I'm aging (I know, some of you will laugh, but it is true -- I am getting older), but also the fact that I have a little one to entertain now -- I am READY for spring. I am ready for the evenings when I can get home from work, smell chicken on the grill, and Jaden and I can sit outside in the grass and roll the ball back and forth while Daddy prepares supper.

Cody was definitely in his element when we were able to grill out again a couple nights ago. I think it improved all our spirits. It's so much less depressing to be able to leave work when it's still light outside, too. Darkness at 5:00 just makes me TIRED. I am anxiously anticipating watching the sun go down from our backyard, while Jaden explores new territory after being cooped up inside for months. Cody's going to get irritated with me, but I think the first chance I get, I will be at the stores purchasing baby swimming pools, outdoor slides and even a sandbox possibly. I don't like being HOT and sticky and sweaty. But I do love summer nights.

Jaden is sick again. Strep throat and colds have been making waves through the daycare, and we have a very moody baby on our hands. (Just in time for Valentine's Day and what was supposed to be "date" night for Mommy and Daddy!) He has the whole runny nose, cough, tired... BLAH. He also has had some patches of red irritated skin on his face for a couple of weeks now. I thought it was just dry skin for a while, but now it has spread viciously to his bottom, and it is very sore when we go to change his diaper. So... Cody will be taking him to the doctor this afternoon so we can hopefully get to the bottom of what this rash is. I think one of the most difficult things for me as a parent is when I don't know how to fix something or I don't know what's causing something. It makes me feel very uneasy, and I hate it. I would much rather be sicker than a dog myself than to have my little baby have a cold. Please send good thoughts and prayers our way for a relaxed weekend, and for Jaden not getting too sick. Unfortunately, due to his illness he is missing his Valentine's party at daycare today. However, we did bring all of his Valentine's home with us last night, and enjoyed his first sucker! He loved it, but we did take it away shortly after he started sucking on it.

Happy Valentine's Day!