"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, April 20, 2009


Okay I am just so obsessed now, I had to write about it. When the book series originating with "Twilight" first came out and I heard about people reading it, I couldn't figure out why all the fuss. Vampires?? Yuck. Who cares. Waste of time. When the movie came out... would have been last on my list of movies to see.. if it even made the list at all.

But the hype kept building. So in some small conversation I barely remember, I mentioned to Cody at some point -- "have you heard of Twilight?? It's supposed to be some kind of romance involving vampires." That was as far as the conversation went. Until one Sunday night he surprised me by bringing the movie home for us to watch. I spent 90% of the time watching the movie bracing myself to absolutely hate it. Then it was over. And next thing I knew, I HAD to start reading the books to see what would happen next. (It's a four-book series). Well lucky for me, our daycare provider, Jami, is a huge fan and owns all four books. So she loaned them to me almost a month ago now. I cannot put them down -- I am already on the fourth and final book. And I am counting down the days until the second movie comes out in November. I've gone so far as to research the gossip news and pictures of the cast. You could call it a twisted version of Romeo and Juliet in a way. It is never-ending drama mixed with love mixed with dark mixed with light... and I'm almost afraid to finish the last book because I'm scared for it be over. I'm scared to no longer be able to visit the lives of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Cody might have to buy me all the movies when they are all out.

Anyways... point of this post was to tell you all to read the series (I would advise you to read the first book before seeing the first movie -- which is opposite of what I did). The first book just gives you so much more insight and detail and explanation into the whole vampire story that the movie can't quite portray. Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse. Breaking Dawn.

Get them on Ebay or Amazon -- they'll be cheaper that way. But invest in them.