"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm back!

Sorry it's been a while --- my new goal is update this at least once a week. Especially with our family growing -- this is kind of like my diary so I don't forget anything going on with our little one's lives.

Jaden turned 20 months old yesterday. I can't believe that in just four months, we will be the proud parents of a two-year old. He is such a funny little guy, and every day he does something new to make us laugh or smile. As our family knows, Jaden is OBSESSED with ceiling fans. We have three of them in our house - one in the kitchen, one in the living room and one in his room. He thinks that every time we are home all of those fans need to be turned on, and he will point at them until we turn them on for him. Well throughout the summer, we followed his "orders" since it was usually warm enough out to do so. But with it cooling down lately, I'm trying to get him used to the idea that they don't need to be on all the time. So lately when he points at them, I shake my head and say "no -- too cold -- brrrrrrr." Well this morning after he woke up, he of course pointed to the ceiling fan. I said "no -- brrr." And he followed that up by shaking his head no with a very serious look on his face and forcing himself into a shiver. I wish I had it on video -- it was hilarious. He was so serious!!

He still doesn't say full sentences, but he tries new words all the time. Sometimes we only hear the word once and then he doesn't repeat it again for a while. However, his first official word is definitely "hot." He says it all the time - when something's in the microwave, on the stove, when he sees steam coming out of something, when we put his warm food in front of him... in the bathtub. And he says it very clearly and in such a high pitched voice - it's the cutest thing I've ever heard. Other words include -- Elmo, Grandpa, Tucker (the dog at daycare), cold, no (he uses that quite frequently now), milk, water, aacky (yucky), peacock (there's a pretty one in one of his books), up, down, -- and a few others as well. He also is a champion animal noise maker. Woof-woof, meoww, moo, cheep cheep (his bird noise), cack cack (his duck noise) -- and on occassion he has been known to snort like a pig. The other night I was singing "Jesus loves me" to him and I swear I heard him try to say Jesus. (Sounded more like Esus -- but close)!

He getting better at being able to brush his teeth. He had a little step stool in the living room that we put in front of our big window so he could see outside. He also used it as a little snack table. But lately he hasn't been using it at all because he's tall enough to see out the window without it, and he insists on eating his snacks sitting on the couch like a "big boy." So I moved the step stool into the bathroom so that he could stand on it over the sink to brush his teeth. The first night we did it that way, he was so proud of himself. Still haven't really tried potty training. We tried it a couple of times about a month or two ago, but he hated sitting on it and ended up throwing the potty seat down the stairs a couple of times. I didn't want to push it -- but I'm hoping to try again soon.

Jaden's also showing signs of becoming a soccer player (much to mine and Cody's dislike). He loves kicking balls, and he is getting really good at it! He comes after them with full speed and kicks them as hard as he can. Oh well -- even though I hate the sport, I know I will love cheering him on in anything he does!

Now on to our 2nd little bundle of joy. I am now 17 1/2 weeks into the pregnancy. Almost half way there... yay! I started feeling the baby move at 15 weeks but it's been very faint movements and only every few days or so. Yesterday there was finally about a 20 minute stretch of time where the baby must have been doing his/her afternoon workout because I could feel the little one punching me or kicking me constantly. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, and then an ultrasound scheduled for next week. So hopefully we will know what we are having very soon!

We have some big house projects coming up that we need to get done by March. Since we have such small closets, my clothes take up our entire closet in the bedroom. Cody's been using the closet in the spare room but that will soon be unavailable -- and the majority of his clothes have to get washed a lot because of work so they end up on the laundry room floor. His dad has shelves from his hardware store that he is going to be giving us so we can transform the laundry room a bit. Cody will be able to put all of his clothes in the laundry room and he will hopefully keep it somewhat organized with the new shelving! We are going to be transforming Jaden's room out of his nursery phase and into his little boy room. I hope to get him into his bed right after Christmas so we have time to get him used to a bed before we have to get up in the middle of the night with the new baby. I already have the room decor/bedding picked out but haven't purchased it yet in case I change my mind at the last minute. It will be a sports theme -- of course! Once we find out if we're having a boy/girl, I'm going to immediately begin painting the spare bedroom. It's so ugly right now and it's driving me crazy since we haven't touched it since we moved in. I also don't want to save doing that room until the last minute -- I want to be able to gradually add to it as we get closer. We're also needing to find a new changing table/dresser combo to save space in that room (it's a small room and if we have a changing table and a dresser that's separate pieces we won't have room for a rocker) -- and also so that Jaden can keep the small dresser in his room. Our other project is getting the garage organized and to move a lot of stuff into our storage room in the basement. All summer Cody's been keeping his truck outside and I've been the only one parking in the garage just because so much stuff has been kept in there since the move. But once the snow comes, Cody's going to want his truck in the garage! I also need to go through all of our "baby" boxes. I can't remember where our baby bathtub is or where certain pieces for the car seat are, etc. etc. Even if we have a girl, there are things we had for Jaden that we'll be able to use for a girl -- I just need to find it all and remind myself what we have already and what we need! There's other little things I want to get done, too -- I finally figured out what I want to hang above our couch -- I just need to get around to actually doing it :) I finally figured out what I want to use to fill the cute little cubbies above our kitchen cabinets -- I just need to get around to doing it :) Of course the room that has received the smallest amount of attention is our bedroom. I'm hoping to find a nice new bedding set to ask for for Christmas -- once I get that, I will start focusing on transforming our bedroom into a room that I can be comfortable spending a lot of time in once the baby is here and I'm getting up for middle of the night feedings all the time! Right now I don't even like reading in that room before bed because even just sitting in our bed reminds me of all the things I want to do to that room!