"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

21 Months old and catching footballs!

I can not believe that Jaden turned 21 months old yesterday. And it is amazing how much he grows and learns every single day. He says a new word almost every day. This morning at 7:00 it was still pitch black outside, and he opened the curtains to our living room window, peaked his head around them looked outside and said "dark!" It was so cute as that was the first time has said that word. One of his other recent words has been "raffe" for "giraffe." He is getting to the point now where he really loves focusing on his toddler movies and Disney shows and seems to actually learn from watching them rather than just being entertained. The other night, he saw a little boy pouring himself a glass of milk in the movie and Jaden pointed at the TV and shouted, "MILK!" His little voice is the most wonderful thing in the world!

Last night Cody and Jaden were playing with Jaden's UNI football (one of many) in our living room. Jaden loves sitting at the top of the stairs (it's only about five steps up) and having Cody sit at the bottom. Jaden usually likes to throw the football down to Cody and then waits for Cody to throw it back. In the past, Jaden has just let the football fall to the ground and then he chases it down the hallway and brings it back to throw to Cody. However, last night out of the blue he started to CATCH the football consistently!! We were so excited for him and proud of him, and Jdaen caught on to that excitement. Every time he caught it, he would immediately shreak and clap his hands before throwing the ball back to Cody.

We have been teaching him all about the Panthers and UNI (of course)!! -- so he hears me say "Gooo Panthers!" a lot. Well he isn't able to see those words yet, but a few weeks ago he tried to imitate them by saying, "Daaaaa da da!!!" So now whenever he sees a football or the UNI logo on ANYTHING, he says "Daaaa da da!!!" Start em young, raise em right -- right?? I'm so proud he's already a Panther fan!

Jaden also is getting a lot better at feeding himself with a fork and a spoon. It's still a task that needs to be supervised just in case there are any major spills, but he's getting to the point now where he almost doesn't even want to use his fingers to eat any more - which is very exciting as it makes meal times easier for Mommy and Daddy. That means we actually get to eat our food right away rather than having to feed him first!

On Sunday night we carved our pumpkin. (Well, Cody carved and I watched!). It turned out really good. We of course had to make it a UNI pumpkin! I thought for sure that Jaden would have fun with it so we set everything up on our kitchen floor, I took all of Jaden's clothes off except for his diaper, and prepared for him to make himself a mess. That didn't happen -- he barely touched all the goop, and right away wanted me to wash his hands off! He then walked away from it and never came back to it :)

I will be 22 weeks pregnant tomorrow... yay!! Cody thinks this pregnancy is going faster than when I was pregnant with Jaden. (He's not the one who's pregnant!) I say the jury is still out on that - we still have potentially 18 weeks to go so ask me again when it's over :) Not that I mind being pregnant because except for the first few weeks I really have no problems with it at all. I love the excitement of counting down each week, the excitement of my belly getting bigger (until a few weeks from now when it's huge)! -- and how much stronger the baby's kicks feel almost every day. I am excited to be having another little boy -- and love the name we have picked out, which we will be keeping a secret until he arrives! Just this morning I ordered the nursery bedding and can't wait to get it here so I can pick out paint and get that room painted the way I want it! I am not worried about the next couple of months because I know the holidays will make time fly. However, I'm a little worried as to how I'm going to make it through January and February. When I was pregnant with Jaden, it was really hard on me when Cody was out during snow storms having to work on snow removal. I always missed him, had trouble sleeping and worried about him. (I'm a worry wart -- "is he falling asleep behind the wheel? Is his phone on him and will he hear it if I go into labor? etc etc.") Now add those worries to being home alone with a two year old in the dead of winter, a driveway to have to get shoveled out if we need to go anywhere, and being in the final stages of pregnancy. Cody also has a bad habit of either forgetting his phone at home or forgetting to charge it... those two habits will have to be corrected before this pregnancy reaches its end! However I am really excited (and slightly nervous) for how this labor/delivery will be different than the first. The first one I had to be induced and we knew that months ahead of time. We knew exactly what day Jaden was going to be born, and I never had to go into labor naturally. This time around they are handling things differently, and we are planning on a completely natural labor. I won't know what day he will arrive, and I will have to spend time at home with contractions before heading to the hospital -- should be kind of exciting! (And painful??!) :)

Here is my belly at 20 1/2 weeks :)