"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Molars and Words

I can't believe my first little one has almost reached a major milestone -- the end of teething. Jaden's first two two-year molars came in at the top of his mouth this week. It was a little rough for a few days, but I should have seen the warnings last week. The end of last week he had a horrible runny nose, but he he wasn't stuffed up and wasn't acting like he had a cold at all. He was a little more irritable over the weekend - which I attributed to his growing attitude as he gains more desire for independence. (Which I still feel that has something to do with it!) He also had a really sore bottom about the same time the runny nose started. Then on Monday night, he broke out into a horrible hour-long crying session. This has never happened. Eventually we were able to get him to take Tylneol, and he calmed down about 15-20 minutes later. Before we sent him to bed that night, he allowed me to stick my finger in his mouth and sure enough -- I felt the tip of his first molar poking through. That explained everything - the runny nose, the awful tantrum, the sore bottom... he'd also been pulling at his ears a lot. His ears were bothered because of his teeth. Well, a day later he was getting even moodier, and on Tuesday night he was crying so hard that I was able to see all the way to the back of his mouth - and saw the second tooth starting to poke out. He even pointed to his ear that night when he was looking at me and informed me that he was in pain. After having a rough day at daycare on Wednesday, he seemed much happier last night and this morning. I think we've gotten through the worst of his first two molars (knock on wood) -- now we get to wait for the bottom two to arrive. Once those are done though - he will have all of his teeth!!! No more teething for that little guy... seems incredibly hard to believe we've reached that point :) I hope the next milestone is potty training ;)

We also had another first this week - two full sentences! His vocabulary is quite extensive now -- I can't even list all of the words he can say regularly or tries to say regularly. (Some words he struggles with greatly even though he tries them. "Please" sounds more like "teeese.") :) But - one morning this week, we were getting his shoes and coat on and the Mickey Mouse cartoon started on the Disney channel. As soon as Mickey appeared on the screen Jaden said, "There he is!" Cody and I both looked at each other like -- "did we just hear that???" Cody realized Jaden was copying me, as I always say "there he is" when Mickey comes on because I know Jaden loves Mickey. Then last night my mom and I were playing with him in the basement, and Jaden was surrounded by all of his balls. He had one in his hand, and I asked him, "What's that Jaden?" He replied, "It's a ball." Another full sentence ;) He's a long ways from being able to hold a conversation... but he grows up more and more every day. The funny thing is Cody was admiring my ever-growing tummy the other night and said, "Wow -- I can't believe I have a second little child on the way. I still can't get over the fact that we have Jaden!" And it's so true - he and I both still have moments where we look at him in awe -- having trouble believing that he's all ours :)

I do have to mention some of his newest words that we laugh about all the time:
Bug (he at some point became incredibly fearful of bugs and notices them instantly if they are around)
Buc (Cody was teaching him how to say "go Bucs" -- he doesn't say it plural yet, but every time he sees the Tampa Bay logo he points and says, "Buc!"
Ella (he's able to say his little cousin's name so well)
TC (the Panther mascot's name - very proud of that one!) ;)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bedtime Routine

I have to write about this so that I never forget this particular bedtime routine with Jaden. I'm sure it won't last much longer because we are going to be switching him to a bed in under two months, and I'm sure the routine will change. But right now putting Jaden to bed is one of my favorite moments of every day.

Jaden always gets a bath between 7:15 and 7:30 every night. After bath, we put in one of his movies while we put his PJs on. He spends this time watching his movie, eating a snack if he wants one, and playing with Mommy and Daddy. At 8:00 we tell him it's time to brush his teeth. He takes Cody's hand and walks up the stairs to the bathroom. We get his little stool out in front of the sink, and Cody brushes Jaden's teeth. After Cody's finished, he lets Jaden do it on his own for a little while. It's so amazing how willing Jaden is to go to bed every night -- as soon as we say it's time to brush his teeth, he drops whatever he's doing and heads straight to the bathroom. After he's done brushing, he automatically gets off the stool and leads me and Cody to his bedroom. He then waits for Cody to get in the room, throws his arms up in the air for Cody to pick him up. This is my favorite part - he leans down and lets me kiss him once on each cheek. Then he looks at Cody and kisses him on the lips, and then he leans down to me one more time and gives me a kiss on the lips. Cody then puts him in his crib, tucks him in, and I hand him his cup of water. He drinks a few sips while we say our bedtime prayer, then hands me the cup back, and we say good night.

It's a little piece of Heaven at the end of the day :)