"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 In Review

The year started out slightly stressful but ended on the up side through lots of prayer... and a little patience ;) Here are the highs and lows of our first full year of marriage - 2009.

Low: Cody had to go on unemployment to end 2008 and start 2009. Last winter was a rough one with lots of disappointment when trying to find a new job. It was very hard on him to be stuck at home almost every day.

High: Cody went in for an interview with the owner of Royal Turf in March and got hired on the spot. What started out as an hourly position quickly turned into salary. He started off having to do some work with the mowing crew, but now is one of the main landscape employees and even has drawn up some designs for Royal Turf customers. The company loves him, and Cody loves the company. So far - so good on the job front for Cody!

High: Getting pre-approved to buy our first house. There were many lows during this process as well as the house hunt got frustrating at times, and we went through a period where we decided to stay in our apartment longer. This was hard on me, as I knew I wanted to try and get pregnant again over the summer so that our kids would be two years apart. I didn't think we should have another baby in our apartment so I had to prepare myself to put all of our original plans on hold. However - such is life right??!

High: Finding and buying our house! Sherry Padavich was our relator and did a great job for us. She knew what we wanted and what we couldn't and shouldn't settle for. The house we bought had two other couples look at it the same night (it had only been on the market for three days), and one of those other couples made an offer at the same time we did. They accepted our offer, and though it was one of the most terrifying nights of my life -- it has definitely been a reward that was worth all the risks! We were able to move out of our apartment and into our house at the end of May, and though it is not a house we will be content to stay in forever -- we feel very blessed to have found this house as our first one and as such a young married couple. There is very little that HAS to be done to it... for us, it was move-in ready. That definitely helps the pocket book a bit!

Low: Cody's parents house suffered a devastating fire in Aplington around the same time we were moving into our house. Though the house is being restored - the fire was bad enough that they pretty much had to gut the whole thing and lost a lot of special mementos in the process.

Low: The shooting and death of Coach Thomas. Enough said.

High: Two days after Coach Thomas was shot, we found out that we were pregnant. This was definitely planned although we didn't expect it to happen within the first month of deciding to go for it! I had taken a pregnancy test early in the week, and it came back negative. I admit to crying a little bit, as I prepared myself to go through the whole process of being disappointed month after month if that was what God's plan was. However, that test was wrong, and when I took the test again a few days later (in my work bathroom!) -- I was ecstatic to get a positive result. What an up and down week that was.

High: Our first Christmas season in the house. It was wonderful being able to put up our own tree and outside lights on the house. We had a wonderful four-day Thanksgiving weekend as a whole family, and it was fun watching Cody get into the Christmas spirit. He really got into all the decorating - especially the outdoor lights!

We are very grateful for our healthy family, including the baby that's still growing in my tummy, and pray daily that our safety and health continues to be a highlight of every year. Though life is about to change again with the birth of our second child, and though we are somewhat nervous as to how we will be able to handle this change, we couldn't be more thankful or excited. Bring on 2010!