"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Break

Just like last year my company decided to close between the Christmas and New Years holidays so I was able to have an entire 11 day break without having to use PTO days and while still getting paid. It was Heaven! But of course so hard to come back to work now.

My vacation time was busy enough that we didn't get bored and relaxing enough to actually feel like vacation. It of course started off with Christmas Eve. We were supposed to have a Christmas at Cody's Grandma Grayce's house, but the weather was bad so that got postponed. With the weather forecast saying it was going to be worse on Christmas day we decided to head to Aplington to do Christmas with Cody's parents, sister and niece on Christmas Eve night. That left Christmas day to just spend the morning at home and then head to my parents without worrying about having to head out of town at all. I thought Jaden would be more into opening presents this year, but he still wasn't all that interested. Although he did think that every time we opened a new present, we had to get it out of the box right away before opening another one. We had Christmas with my mom's side of the family a couple of days after Christmas and just wrapped up our last Christmas at Grandma Grayce's yesterday.
Jaden and I on Christmas day -- such a cuddle bug!:
The rest of break was spent working on the baby's room, doing some shopping and hanging out as a family. Cody was able to have a few full days off as well, which was nice after all the snow removal he'd had to do over the last month. I did take Jaden to daycare two days just so that he would be able to keep somewhat of a routine and not get too attached to Mommy --- although we failed at that because he is now more attached to me than ever. There are many days where he doesn't even allow me to leave the room and cries for Mama, Mama whenever I'm not in site. He is such a little sweetie, and every day he becomes an even bigger punkin! He loves giving out kisses and hugs now, and I can't get enough of him!

For New Years Eve, Cody, Jaden and I as well as Cody's parents and our friends Terry and Jeri Noonan gathered at my parent's house for what was supposed to be a "game" night. We didn't play one single game, but shared lots of laughs! I was teasing Cody as we were heading home at 1:00 in the morning . This was our fourth New Years together, and we've yet to have a very exciting one ;) Our first year I was a senior at UNI, and we had gone out late the night before so on New Year's Eve we were both asleep on the couch by the time midnight rolled around. Our 2nd year I was pregnant with Jaden and asleep before midnight. Last year and this year we went to my parents' house. Maybe next year, Cody and I will hit the town together??! ;)

Now being back at work, I'm really struggling. I wish this baby was due at the end of January like Jaden was. Coming back from so much excitement and fun makes March 5 feel like a very very long time from now. And this extremely cold weather is really making me anxious for nice mild spring nights when Cody and I can take BOTH our boys for walks outside in the double stroller.

I forgot to mention -- I had to be tested for gestational diabetes on Christmas Eve morning and the results came back negative. Whew! What a relief that was -- though the test for that is an absolute pain in the butt :) I also had a doctor's appointment on the 28th, and the baby is measuring exactly where he is supposed to be. Although I do think I've had a few very minor contractions -- including one in the back. But they are usually so mild that I probably wouldn't feel them if I weren't sitting down. The doctor is seeing me every two weeks now, and at my 36 week appointment she will start checking to see if I am starting to dialate. (I'm at 31 1/2 weeks now). Getting very anxious to meet this little one!