"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pregnancy Update

Well I finally feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel! We are now officially just two weeks away from my due date. The end of this pregnancy definitely feels different than it did with Jaden. They planned my induction date with Jaden almost months in advance for special reasons... so we KNEW when he was coming. This time around... we're on the edges of our seats.

At my appointment last week, they checked me for dilation for the first time. During this appointment I wasn't dilated at all and Dr. Moussa was unable to feel the baby's head. She immediately worried that he was head up instead of head down so she got us into the ultrasound room right away. Sure enough -- his head was up by my ribs -- not the right way to be by that point in the pregnancy! Her plan was to give him a week to turn around on his own. She looked at the placenta and realized that with the way it was positioned she did not want to try and turn the baby herself because she felt she could cause damage to the placenta... which would not be good. So we spent a week thinking good thoughts and praying that he would turn on his own. If he didn't turn by Wednesday of this week, she was going to possibly schedule me for an early c-section. I'm trying to avoid a c-section at all costs!

At our appointment two days ago we got a mix of good news and so-so news. The good news is that baby boy did turn himself around and is now head down - yay! However, I still haven't started dilating at all, and she did another ultrasound. During the ultrasound she did a bunch of measurements and the estimate is that he's over seven pounds already. This would be fine if I were going to go into labor any day, but since I haven't even started dilating... we're a little concerned he's going to be huge by the time I do go into natural labor. This could possibly require me to have to have a c-section anyway. So now we play the waiting game again... at my appointment this upcoming Wednesday she is going to check for dilation again - make sure he still is head down - and then if I haven't made any progress, she is going to strip my membranes. I'm hoping that is not needed! Once she strips my membranes I will have to be checked again within a couple of days to see if that made any progress. She still mentions inducing me before my due date to avoid him being too big but she wants me to be somewhat dilated before I get induced so that the labor doesn't take too long. (Sometimes being induced can make for a really really long labor -- so it's even worse if I'm not dilated at all by that point). People have asked me if I'm feeling any contractions -- and I've really only had a couple. They've been very very mild and I haven't even had one in a few days. I never felt any contractions with Jaden, but when I arrived at the hospital with him and they hooked me up to machines - they told me I was having contractions three minutes apart. I hadn't even felt them!

So last week the prayer was that he would turn around - this week the prayer is that I start feeling some contractions so we can make some progress! All of this is making Cody think this is going to be our "difficult" child out of the two ;) Everything else still looks just perfect for mommy and baby. As long as he comes out healthy... that's really all I can ask for!