"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, April 30, 2010

Bottle Help!

So my first week back at work has almost come to a close. For the most part it's gone very well. The first day was tough -- I cried the whole morning - but once I got here, I was fine. However, I haven't had to be here a full day yet! ;) Monday I start back full time... and my only concern left is Brandon's eating. Things are going well for him at daycare except he will not eat very well from the bottle still. And he's very inconsistent. Monday he took 2 1/2 ounces twice before noon. Tuesday he didn't eat more than an ounce at a time. Wednesday he did great - took three full ounces twice that morning. Yesterday... he barely drank a full two ounces the entire morning. Luckily I've been getting off at noon so he can eat plenty the rest of the day. But that won't be the case next week. We're trying a new bottle today - the "First Years: Breast Flow" bottle that is designed to not only feel like mommy, but also "flow" like mommy. However, after doing a lot of research -- there are a LOT of bottles that claim to do that same thing.

So -- any mommies out there have some advice?? Anyone else have this problem and what bottles would you recommend? I don't want to worry about my little guy while I'm at work all day! :(

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Books of the Week

These are the boys' current book favorites.
Jaden's is fun and recommended for all. Lots of cool noises and animal sounds have to be made while reading it... I've lost count of how many times we've read this in just the last two days.

I put this book in Brandon's Easter basket and he has started smiling at recently... loves the cute little animal pictures and bright colors!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jaden's current interests

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet. Jaden has a fascination with garage doors. Well actually... he loves doors in general -- but specifically garage ones. It all started months ago when Cody started letting him push the garage door buttons. That transitioned into wanting to touch the door as it was going up after pushing the button. Now he just likes to touch them in general. Every time we go outside for anything, he says "touch doors! touch doors!" over and over again. We'll be driving and if he sees a building with lots of doors, he talks about it. Like the fire station in Cedar Falls... it has six garage doors for the trucks. Whenever we drive by that he says, "sick (six) doors!" Which he's actually right... it does have six doors, but I think he just says six doors because six is his favorite number ;) When a garage door is up he says, "high doors!" because the door is high ;)

He also likes to be the one to shut the doors in the house - he likes to close the front door, the bathroom door and the basement door. He never touches the bedroom doors for some reason. Just this weekend he has actually started saying, "close the doors!"

Other than doors, he still loves loves loves balls. He's getting more interested in reading a book in bed before going to sleep. I enjoy telling him to pick out a book and seeing which one he picks. His favorite book right now is "Little Blue Truck." I have to make lots of funny noises and animal sounds when I read it, and he laughs at that quite a bit. He's recently started calling us Cody and Nicole. He says our names almost perfectly. He says "Ni-cole!" with a big smile on his face when he wants my attention really badly!

I am so proud of how he is with Brandon. He kisses him good night and always comes up to him when he's lying on the floor and says hi to him. He says "nice baby!" all the time. He can't say Brandon real well yet so he calls him "Brother Baby." He even tries to share his balls with him... he hasn't realized that Brandon's a little young to be playing with balls ;)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Brandon's current interests

Brandon doesn't sleep in his crib yet, but I lay him in there sometimes when I need to get something done in his room, etc. He loves looking at his animal mobile as it spins around!
Brandon is not completely thrilled with the swing yet, but he will sit in it every once in a while and has fallen asleep in it a couple of times. Whenever he does sit in it, he always stares at the warning label. It's in black and white, and babies like black and white... too funny that this is what catches his eye!

Brandon likes looking at this mirror that my mom bought him while he's lying on the floor. But what he REALLY likes is the bumble bee hanging from the top. Whenever his eye catches that bee, his whole face lights up with a big smile!

This sign is hanging right above where we change Brandon. Whenever we are changing him, if he looks to his left, he loves the bright color of the wall and he smiles at this sign. It's bright and sparkly... makes changing time fun!

Dear Baby Brandon

Today is my last day of maternity leave. No matter how much you prepare youself for this time to be over, you're never prepared enough. I thought it would be easier the second time around... I've already gone through it once after Jaden was born. It took me a long time to get used to working again that time... I thought this time would be easier. It's not.

Brandon, in case you ever read this one day, I just want you to know that I have loved every minute of being home with you. Never once have I gotten bored or wished that I could be doing something else - I've just cherished it because I knew that it wouldn't last forever. I also have known that never again will I get to spend so many hours cuddling you, kissing your cheeks and watching you sleep. You're already growing up quickly. Almost two months old -- where has the time gone? Your smiles first thing in the morning are a true blessing. A part of me wishes you could stay as young as you are right now - I'm not ready for you to roll or crawl or walk away from me. I realize that all of these milestones will come way too soon now that you will spend so many hours a day with someone else. I love that you recognize my voice and turn your head as soon as you hear me walk into the room -- looking for your mommy. I love your little wrinkled forehead as your eyes try and peak up at me while I'm feeding you. I love that I was the very first person to see your amazing smile and hear your first cooing noises. If I could bottle this time up and put it on the shelf to keep forever - I would.

These last eight weeks will always hold a very special place in my heart - just as my time home with Jaden does - and I will always look back at your first couple months with tremendous joy and pride.

In three days you get to go off, make new friends, learn more about the world and spend more time with your big brother. Mommy hopes you're happy, and she'll always be anxious to pick you up at the end of the day. It's time for me to stop keeping you all to myself and to let others be blessed by your smiles.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brandon Videos

Brandon - 6 weeks

For you Aunt Sally

We're ready for Aunt Sally to visit this summer!

New Videos!

This is Jaden trying to lift a box of his new furniture that had just come in for his bedroom.

Brandon making his entrance... us coming out of the c-section room.

Jaden and my dad being goofy.

I'm trying to upload some of Brandon but it's literally taken me all day, and they won't upload. I'll keep working on it!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Past Week

It's been an exhausting week at our house. Last Wednesday morning I woke up with a lot of pain from nursing and immediately suspected that I had a clogged milk duct. After researching it some online, I read that they can go away on their own quite often - unless you come down with a fever. So I spent the whole day in pain until late afternoon when I started getting the chills. I called my doctor at 4:30 and they wanted me to come in right away even though it was close to office closing time. Sure enough I had a slight fever and they could already see physical signs of the infection they call mastitis. By the time I got home that night around supper with my antibiotic in hand... I was miserable. My fever was already going up and I felt like I had the full out flu. I didn't get any sleep Wednesday night... and was miserable all day Thursday. The worst part about being sick when you're a mommy -- is that instead of taking care of yourself, you have to take care of your kids first! My fever got up to 101.5 at its worst and didn't completely go away until sometime Friday morning/afternoon. I was still in a lot of pain until Saturday when the meds finally kicked in. So there was that :)

This same week Jaden decided he didn't want to stay in his bed at night anymore. The same night I came down with my infection we heard him getting out of his bed for the third night in a row. Only this time it was accompanied by a very loud BUMP like he had completely fallen out of bed -- and hard. I walked in there and sure enough his room was turned upside down. He had thrown his bean bag chair across the room, thrown everything off his bed, thrown some other stuff around... and there he sat in this very tight spot between his bed and his dresser -- with his night light knocked off his dresser and sitting beside him on the floor. He also had at some point stood on top of this set of drawers that are by his bed and pulled a bunch of pictures down off of a bulletin board. He looked so guilty when I walked in - there he sat in the complete dark in a tight corner, and I could tell he just didn't know what he was going to do if I hadn't walked into the room. This continued to be a problem throughout the week. On Saturday I left for a hair appointment, and when I came home Cody was frazzled. Jaden had not only repeated all of this during his nap time, but he had also pulled the big art piece down off the wall that had been hanging above his bed. That night, I sat in his room with him for a long time, and we talked about the importance of him staying in his bed when it was time to sleep. We then pointed at all the things in his room that he was not allowed to touch -- even when he was awake (mainly the things hanging on the walls). We went around together pointing at everything and saying "no touch." That seems to have done the trick because we haven't had a problem since... and he still walks into his room and points at things while saying "no touch."

Then on Monday night we had horrible rains in the middle of the night, and when we woke up Tuesday morning... we had water in our basement. Which just happens to be Jaden's play area. The carpet was drenched and our lower level storage room had three inches of standing water in it. Luckily everything we have stored in that room is up on shelves so nothing got ruined and the water drained out on its own after just a few hours. The rest of the basement is still drying out however. So Jaden has not been able to go down to his play area for three days now. Great fun ;)

I go back to work in two and a half weeks now... Brandon still isn't very consistent with taking the bottle... keep your fingers crossed that he gets better so that he eats okay while I'm at work!

Monday, April 5, 2010

"The Bible Tells Me... Sooooo"

So ever since I was pregnant with him I have been singing "Jesus Loves Me" to Jaden very regularly. But a few weeks ago we started adding it to our bedtime routine by singing it every night in bed right after prayer. He has been picking up on more of the words, but his favorite part is the end - "the Bible tells me so." He doesn't know all the words perfectly, but he always jumps in at that part and sings along with me -- and knows the word "so" very well so that word always gets drawn out -- "sooooooo." :)

He also now knows the word "weak" from "they are weak, but He is strong." Now he repeats "weak" throughout the song over and over again ;)

Precious moments!