"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Past Week

It's been an exhausting week at our house. Last Wednesday morning I woke up with a lot of pain from nursing and immediately suspected that I had a clogged milk duct. After researching it some online, I read that they can go away on their own quite often - unless you come down with a fever. So I spent the whole day in pain until late afternoon when I started getting the chills. I called my doctor at 4:30 and they wanted me to come in right away even though it was close to office closing time. Sure enough I had a slight fever and they could already see physical signs of the infection they call mastitis. By the time I got home that night around supper with my antibiotic in hand... I was miserable. My fever was already going up and I felt like I had the full out flu. I didn't get any sleep Wednesday night... and was miserable all day Thursday. The worst part about being sick when you're a mommy -- is that instead of taking care of yourself, you have to take care of your kids first! My fever got up to 101.5 at its worst and didn't completely go away until sometime Friday morning/afternoon. I was still in a lot of pain until Saturday when the meds finally kicked in. So there was that :)

This same week Jaden decided he didn't want to stay in his bed at night anymore. The same night I came down with my infection we heard him getting out of his bed for the third night in a row. Only this time it was accompanied by a very loud BUMP like he had completely fallen out of bed -- and hard. I walked in there and sure enough his room was turned upside down. He had thrown his bean bag chair across the room, thrown everything off his bed, thrown some other stuff around... and there he sat in this very tight spot between his bed and his dresser -- with his night light knocked off his dresser and sitting beside him on the floor. He also had at some point stood on top of this set of drawers that are by his bed and pulled a bunch of pictures down off of a bulletin board. He looked so guilty when I walked in - there he sat in the complete dark in a tight corner, and I could tell he just didn't know what he was going to do if I hadn't walked into the room. This continued to be a problem throughout the week. On Saturday I left for a hair appointment, and when I came home Cody was frazzled. Jaden had not only repeated all of this during his nap time, but he had also pulled the big art piece down off the wall that had been hanging above his bed. That night, I sat in his room with him for a long time, and we talked about the importance of him staying in his bed when it was time to sleep. We then pointed at all the things in his room that he was not allowed to touch -- even when he was awake (mainly the things hanging on the walls). We went around together pointing at everything and saying "no touch." That seems to have done the trick because we haven't had a problem since... and he still walks into his room and points at things while saying "no touch."

Then on Monday night we had horrible rains in the middle of the night, and when we woke up Tuesday morning... we had water in our basement. Which just happens to be Jaden's play area. The carpet was drenched and our lower level storage room had three inches of standing water in it. Luckily everything we have stored in that room is up on shelves so nothing got ruined and the water drained out on its own after just a few hours. The rest of the basement is still drying out however. So Jaden has not been able to go down to his play area for three days now. Great fun ;)

I go back to work in two and a half weeks now... Brandon still isn't very consistent with taking the bottle... keep your fingers crossed that he gets better so that he eats okay while I'm at work!