"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Morning Thankfulness 6/21/2010

This Monday morning I am thankful for:
-Cody. We love him. Happy Father's Day :)
-My Scentsy Pot... can't wait to order some new yummy smells ;)
-Jaden and Brandon. This is obviously a given every single day, but I really enjoyed watching them play/grow/talk/laugh/interact this weekend. Brandon rolled over for the first time, and I swear that Jaden is talking better and more every single day. He's growing up so fast.
-Cloudy/stormy work days. This might anger some of you, but there's something comforting about a cloudy/stormy sky when I know I have to be stuck inside at work all day long.
-Sales. Does anyone out there buy kids clothes at regular price? I NEVER do. And the new store - Children's Place - at Crossroads has some amazing deals that I have recently taken full advantage of!
-The new pool my parents bought Jaden and Brandon as an early early early Christmas present. Jaden loves it. And we got him a water play table for him to enjoy outside as well. That kid loves water play.

We had a nice relaxing weekend as a family. Sometimes when we don't have much planned in advance, I get stressed out. "What are we going to do for two whole days to keep Jaden busy??" That kid is so wild and energetic that sometimes we worry about not having enough activity planned to keep him enetertained. But this weekend was pretty laid back, and we all still had an enjoyable time -- and it was nice to not be hurring from here to there all weekend long! Saturday morning I went to a babyshower for an old friend from high school. Her little boy Noah is only about a week older than Brandon. And there was another baby at the shower that was five weeks old. My friend Betsy hosted it and she is due to have her second baby January 1st! It really hit me that - wow - I'm all grown up! When I was pregnant with Jaden I was only 22/23 years old -- I knew I was really young. But now my friends are starting to have babies - and second babies, even - so the fact that I'm not the only one anymore makes me feel really grown up! After two kids, you would have thought I would have felt that way already, but I guess it's just taking a long time for reality to actually set in ;) While I was at the shower, Cody and Jaden did their own thing. Then after nap time on Saturday, Jaden got to try out his new pool! Then we treated him to a Happy Meal at McDonalds. We also took a little walk on Saturday night with the double stroller! Sunday morning we went to church with my parents and then to eat at the O.P. You have NO idea how much Jaden can eat! He ate more than all of us at the table! Then the rest of the day was pretty lazy. We went to Crossroads, and all four of us hung out in the living room Sunday night. A lot of times half of us are outside while the rest of us are inside. But Sunday night Jaden was content to just hang out coloring and wrestling with Daddy while Brandon and I sat there and watched them. Brandon also rolled over for the first time on Saturday because he was trying to get a toy in his mouth. And Jaden decided upon seeing my phone yesterday that he wanted to call Papa. So he grabbed my phone - said, "I wanna call Papa" -- and proceeded to call him - all on his own! It was pretty funny that he actually hit the right button to call my parents' house. And then he had a little conversation with them. It's so fun to watch him grow up more and more every day. Tomorrow night we are celebrating Father's Day with Cody's parents. We didn't see them over the weekend because his dad was on a fishing trip. That's all from us. Happy first day of summer!

Love this picture of those two... like Father, like Son ;)