"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning Thankfulness

I hate Mondays - so from now on I'm going to try every Monday morning to list all of the things I'm thankful for -- so that hopefully I can help improve my mood a bit ;)
This Monday I am thankful for:
-100 calorie snack packs
-Dairy Queen blizzards with Cody every Sunday night
-Orchard Hill Church and its youth program. This is definitely becoming a big positive for our family. Cody and I are really enjoying its teachings, and Jaden is loving the time he spends there in the nursery/Sunday school rooms. Cody and I talked yesterday that as the kids grow, we can't wait to get more active in the church as a family. Orchard Hill has SO much to offer outside of Sunday morning worship. It's true that it takes a whole village to raise a child - and Orchard Hill is a fabulous "village" for us to be a part of!
-Jami - our daycare provider. It's so hard for me to be away from my boys, and Monday morning drop-off is never fun for me. But this morning, she came out of her house as I pulled into her driveway and greeted Jaden and Brandon with enthusiasm and love. I know they're in good hands even when they aren't with me.
-Karen Kingsbury books
-My Daily Message Bible that my friend Becky Bartlett gave to me in college. It's formatted to help you read the whole Bible in a year if you read a little bit every day. I'm really using it now - reading a little bit in bed every night - because as a mom it has become very important to me to actually learn and know the teachings in the Bible so that I can pass them on to my kids.
-Online printable coupons. I saved $10.00 at the grocery store yesterday!
-The Betty Crocker website and its "recipe box" and weekly emails. I'm finding some really fun recipes!
-High school friends. I get to go to a babyshower this Saturday and see some girls that I haven't seen in a long time -- but we're all becoming mommies, and I believe this is the start of a new friendship between all of us. I can't wait to catch up and stay in touch with them through their mommy journeys!