"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pizza! Cookie! French Fries!

Okay so there are a couple of food traditions we have started in the past year or so. One of them being - every Saturday morning Cody takes Jaden for a ride in his truck, and they go to the Casey's near our house and get Jaden a chocolate chip cookie. He gets to eat it while they drive down by the river by our house and look at the ducks, geese, deer - and one time they even saw turtles. This is something that they both look forward to, and Jaden is well aware now that Saturday = cookie day. Another tradition that started over the winter is that every Tuesday night is our family out to eat night. Most of the time we go to Pizza Hut (although sometimes we go for chinese) -- but we like Pizza Hut because of the all you can eat buffet and the fact that kids eat completely free on Tuesday nights. With a family of four - although Brandon's not eating solids yet - this will be a nice family outing for relatively cheap! Jaden loves the pizza and the applesauce, pudding, etc that is included in the buffet. The other relatively new tradition is Happy Meals from McDonalds once a week or every other week. We try to keep it healthy - we always get him the chicken nuggets with the apple dippers for his meal. But Cody always gets a small fry with his meal so that he can split the small fry in half with Jaden. This way Jaden's not getting too many fries -- and neither is Cody for that matter! Jaden loves apples now anyway so he enjoys Happy Meal days -- they usually are on a weekend when we are busy and want to grab something quick for lunch.

Anyways... this is all getting pretty engrained in Jaden's head. (He LOVES food). Because now he is able to recognize all of his favorite restaurants. On Father's Day we were driving down University Ave. and within about two minutes time we passed a Pizza Hut, Casey's and a McDonald's. This was Jaden's reaction as we were driving...
"Pizza Hut!!! I want pizza!"... A few moments later... "Casey's! Cookie, Cookie!!"...A few moments later as we pass Mcdonald's.. "French fries! French fries!!!" And this now happens regularly whenever we pass any one of these establishments. I have no idea where he gets his love of food from... certainly NOT his daddy... ;)