"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Morning Thankfulness 7/12/10 and Weekend Review

This Monday morning I am thankful for:
-cinnamon rolls on weekend mornings
-the local petting zoo :)
-family gatherings
-Life 101.9 FM
-goodbye kisses and hugs from Jaden in the morning
-Brandon's increasing giggles :)
-Cody's back rubs!

Whew. What a week/weekend - lots to blog about. Lets start with last Wednesday. My journey to work was quite adventerous as this was the morning of the flash flooding in Waterloo, and my office is located right in the middle of one of the hardest hit spots in town. It took me almost an hour to go about 10 miles, and I probably shouldn't have attempted to go as far as I did. I was driving around cars that were getting stranded, and yet I kept on going... Cody wasn't too happy with me, but I'm a little stubborn ;) During this trek to work, I called Cody and told him he better run home and check our basement. Sure enough, once I finally got to work and settled in at my desk, he called me to tell me we had water in our basement. Swell. We went through this in April, as well, and we're a little confused because when we bought the house they told us they had never had water in the finished part of the basement. And we've had it twice already this summer. Hmmm.. :) Luckily it wasn't standing water in the finished part - just enough to completely soak the carpet. It dried out after a few days, and now Jaden has his play room back. I guess the good thing is Cody said as he was sucking up the water, he sucked up a lot of earwigs with it! I'm so sick of those slimy little bugs! They also resurfaced our street last week so we had a couple of days where we had to park on the grass in our front yard. The only other option was to park on a street a long block away... and with two little ones to transport, that just wasn't a very good option for us -- especially with all the rain.

Now for the weekend -- Friday night Cody's company decided to hold a casual little grill out at their shop. I was under the impression that other wives/kids were going to be there... but as it turns out, it was all of the guys and myself -- plus Jaden and Brandon! Luckily I'm pretty used to being the only female among a bunch of men since that's kind of how I grew up ;) Jaden had fun running around, playing with the dog -- and eating Doritos!! The kid would not eat anything else. At one point, Cody attempted to take them away from him, but it wasn't worth the tantrum that it caused so he ended up getting his Doritos back. Normally I wouldn't agree to giving in to a two-year old's demands, but in this situation it really wasn't harming him in any way.

Saturday was going to be a rain-free day so I knew we needed to spend a lot of time outside. We went to my parents' in the morning and spent some time there. We wanted to head to the petting zoo after lunch and before nap time, but of course as we're getting ready to load up the car we discover that we have locked our keys in it! We have a spare set, but I hadn't seen them since we lived at the apartment. Cody thought they were probably in his truck... but if you could see the inside of Cody's truck, you would know why that wasn't exactly a comforting thought for me ;) Turns out they weren't in Cody's truck, but he thought to look in a little storage caddy that was down in our basement that I hadn't looked through in about a year. Thank you Cody for thinking of that because I never would have and luckily - crisis averted :) Off to the petting zoo... Jaden had a blast. He wanted to touch every single animal, and he desparately wanted to hold a duck but of course, they kept running away from him. This will be an outing I'm sure we'll do again sometime this summer. It's donation only so you can roam around as often as you want for as long as you want with no admissions price.
After the petting zoo and naps, Jaden played outside for a long time, and I decided to sort through our mail. We hadn't checked it in a few days with everything going on with the flood and the street repair, so there was quite a bunch to sort through. This brings me to my next story. I carried the mail inside, laid it out on the living room floor... and earwigs started dropping out of it left and right! I killed SIX -- and those were just the ones I saw. Completely disgusted, I went outside and told Cody what was going on. He went to the mailbox, and when he opened it -- he could see them all crawling around inside. He grabbed our wasp killer and sprayed it inside the mailbox and all around it. More earwigs started falling out from every single nook and cranny of our mailbox, and there were dozens of them crawling along the curb. GROSS!!!! Thankfully they're all dead now, but I'm going to dread getting the mail for a while yet :) After supper we took the boys to the park, and Cody and I had fun on the Merry-go-round ;) One of the great things about having kids is getting to be a kid myself every once in a while! :)
This is how Brandon was napping on Saturday.... LOVE this picture. What a sweet little boy we have :)

On Sunday we headed to Iowa City for my Uncle Bud and Aunt Rita's 50th wedding anniversary reception. Uncle Bud is my dad's older brother, and he and my aunt have four kids -- the only cousins I have on my dad's side. They're all much older than me, and all of their kids are a lot older than Jaden and Brandon. We don't see them very often so this was the first time that most of them had met Brandon. My cousin Rick's new wife Tina wanted to hold Brandon. By that point, Brandon had had a lot of people in his face smiling at him and ooing and aahing over him so I think he was a little overwhelmed. Shortly after Tina started holding him, his bottom lip came out, his face got red and his eyes welled up with tears. This was the first time had had shown any signs of stranger anxiety... so I ended up holding him the rest of the afternoon, but he did good :)

Jaden's funny quote from the weekend -- Recently Cody had gotten him a bunch of bouncy balls out of the quarter machines at Pizza Hut. He was playing with them over the weekend, and one of the balls wasn't really bouncing all that well -- it was somewhat a dud of the bunch. He brought it over to me and told me the ball wasn't bouncing and needed batteries ;) Too cute!! :)