"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Thankfulness 7-19-10

This Monday I am thankful for:
-Zicam cold remedy
-Shower curtains (more on that later)
-Air conditioning

We had a very uneventful weekend. Jaden and I have both been fighting colds, and Brandon has been coughing and sneezing some, but so far (fingers crossed, knock on wood, lots of prayers, etc etc.) -- Brandon doesn't seem to be sick. Yet. (I have never washed my hands more, and I have been using pacifier wipes on every single toy of his repeatedly for almost the past week now)! Friday night Cody went to a movie by himself after the boys went to bed. I got in bed at 8:00 that night because that was the day I wasn't feeling very good. I woke up when Cody left (he went to the 9:55 showing) -- and had trouble falling back asleep. Once I fell back asleep, I had a horrible horrible dream, woke up at 11:00 and was too freaked out to get back to sleep -- so I ended up watching Roseanne until almost 12:30 a.m. when Cody finally got home. It's official -- I HATE being alone at night with those two boys! I just don't feel safe. And I hate that feeling. I lived alone two semesters in college and absolutely loved the freedom that came with that -- and never once was paranoid about being by myself. Wow have things changed since I've gotten married and become a mommy! I've also been having really weird dreams lately with a repeating theme -- in these dreams, I'm trying like crazy to get to my kids at the end of the day - to pick them up from daycare - but there's all these obstacles in the way, and I can never make it to them! It's horrifying, and I usually wake up sweating.

Saturday we let Jaden swim and play outside quite a bit. We (or rather, Cody) went through a bunch of our stuff and loaded it all up and took it to Goodwill. We've had stuff in our garage that we have needed to sort through for a very long time now. Cody got motivated to do it on Saturday and asked me if I trusted him enough to make the decision on what we kept and what we tossed. I told him to go for it - I trusted him - and wanted nothing to do with it :) I figure if I've gone two years without it (which I have) then I obviously don't need it that badly!

However, the biggest thing that happened on Saturday was that I finally had enough of my CLOSET. We have a small house, but we actually have ample storage space. We have a large unfinished storage room in our basement, a furnace room with storage space, storage space under our steps in the laundry room -- and a very large attic that we don't even use but could if we wanted to. However, to say that the closets in our bedrooms are small would be the understatement of the year. We have the old-style closets that were made back when people apparently didn't find it necessary to own more than five articles of clothing. And of course, our bedroom has THE smallest closet out of all three bedrooms. Cody doesn't even use it for his clothes - all of his stuff is kept in the laundry room. My clothes take up the entire closet, plus I use part of the coat closet in the hallway. Not only is it small, but the doors haven't functioned properly the entire time we've lived there. They came off the track, and the track was dismantled -- and... anyways, they've been a pain my rear end since day one of owning that house. Plus, the way they work, I have to completely move both doors to one side to see that half of the closet, then move them to the other end of the closet to see the other half -- and since the track is broken, 75% of the time, the doors get stuck while I'm trying to move them. I can't tell you how many times curse words have been uttered in my head when I was trying to get dressed or put laundry away. Well Saturday morning, I was trying to find something to wear, and I don't know why that particular time was the breaking point, but I'd had enough. The minute I tried to get into my closet, I dropped everything I was doing -- immediately packed up the family -- and went to Walmart. I picked out an inexpensive shower curtain (but a very pretty one that matches the bedroom) -- and a shower rod. We came home, Cody ripped the doors off the closet and put up the shower curtain rod and shower curtain. I now have a fully functioning closet in which all I have to do is slide the shower curtain to one end -- I can see my entire closet at one glance, and I'm no longer feeling the urge to cuss every time I have to get a shirt off of a hanger :) Not to mention, it actually added color and decor to our bedroom. So -- there you have it -- I can't tell you how exciting it was for me to put laundry away that night ;) I've always said life is all about the simple things -- but the older I get, the more I realize how true that is!!!

(And I now realize after re-reading this post that a shower curtain used as a closet door probably sounds foolish and maybe tacky -- but I PROMISE you that it actually looks good. Even Cody was impressed) :)

So there you have it... Happy Monday :)