"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Monday

This Monday I am thankful for...
-Tax free weekends
-My Scentsy Pot (I am really excited to order the new fall/winter fragrances available Sept. 1st -- I had someone drop off the new catalog to our house on Saturday morning!)
-Balloons (Jaden got one from a clerk at Home Depot yesterday - a big one - and he is a VERY happy little boy because of it!)
-Lunch breaks -- I'm excited for some reading time today!

We had a pretty low-key weekend. Anything we thought of doing was quickly to put to rest because of this darn heat. It's suffocating being outside right now!! Another reminder to me of why I love fall so much... let the countdown to September begin!!

Speaking of countdowns, I am currently constructing a countdown calendar for Jaden. What are we counting down to? The day we get to go to "TC's house for football time!" Seriously, I think he tells us 12 times a day that he's ready for football time at TC's house. So... I've decided to make him a countdown calendar to hang on the fridge so that every night before we climb into bed, we can mark another day off the calendar --- getting us closer to Panther kickoff day! This will also be fun because he's really starting to learn about the days of the week... and he is becoming a great counter! Last night in bed he kept interrupting during prayer time so that he could count to 10 ;) He's pretty proud of himself... and I'm proud of him, too! He also understands that Saturdays mean getting a cookie with Daddy -- and Tuesdays are Pizza Hut nights. So putting a calendar on the fridge with the days of the week, a picture of TC and way for him to "count" -- what a great way to incorporate everything into a fun nightly activity for the next month right?? I'm going to do this for Christmas, too. One of my favorite memories of Christmas season when I was growing up was our Christmas countdown calendar. I always knew that when the teddybear reached the Christmas tree room in the house... that Christmas was here!

I accomplished some fall organizing over the weekend. Yesterday morning I made Jaden try on all of his pants from last winter so I could see what still fit and what he was in need of. Some of his pants are still long enough at least for the first half of the fall/winter... but he definitely needs new jeans. Last year's are too tight! He's more in need of shirts -- the kid's torso grows faster than his legs so lots of his winter shirts are too short. He's pretty much covered in the shoe department though. He still fits into his white/blue nike shoes we bought him last winter, "Uncle" Casey sent him a pair of amazingly awesome Jordan's for his 2nd birthday that he'll be able to wear this upcoming winter... and my parents just bought him THE coolest "Panther" Nike tennis shoes, as well. They are Kobe's Laker shoes... so they are completely Purple and Gold! I'm saving them for special occassions (football/basketball games only) -- so that they stay in good condition and Brandon can wear them someday. My parents also bought Brandon a pair of baby Jordan's that are pretty cool, too! I also organized Brandon's closet and got out all of the clothes that Jaden wore when he was a baby two winters ago... there really isn't much that Brandon will need except for pajamas. The ones Jaden wore are so WORN and have quite a few spit up/formula/pee stains on them. We reached a milestone last week when I finally realized that Brandon has grown out of pretty much all of his sleepers. Cody told me that it's time we move him into some actual pj sets instead of sleepers... sleepers to me are so "baby" looking... and adorable! I'm not ready for him to be growing out of this stage!! Brandon also started eating carrots on Thursday night. He always screws up his face the first time the spoon goes in his mouth, but then he'll eat some before he gets sick of them. So he's not a huge fan - but he doesn't completely shun them either! We also have discovered that he much prefers baby oatmeal over the rice cereal! And we're going to give green beans a shot tonight.

Brandon is also completely being bottle fed only now. I have officially quit nursing. I have mixed emotions about this. I really wanted to hold out until he was 6 months old, but it just wasn't working anymore. The poor little guy wasn't ever getting full when he would nurse, and it was making him a bit fussier on the weekends. It's sad because that was a great bonding experience for us (and because formula is so expensive!!) -- but also somewhat of a relief that this duty can now be shared between Cody and myself (and grandparents, etc.)

Bath time is also getting more interesting with Brandon. Ever since he was born, we have been bathing him in his baby bathtub by putting the bathtub into the kitchen sink. The little stinker has fully discovered kicking and splashing... the last few baths have ended with me being completely soaked... and Cody having to mop up all the huge water puddles off the kitchen floor! So bathtime is about to be moved into the actual bathroom ;) I can't wait until Brandon is sitting well enough that he doesn't have to be in the baby bath anymore and he and Jaden can take baths together!

That's it for us. Cody's getting really excited for this upcoming weekend. Our friend's Brad and Melissa are throwing a football kickoff party at their house on Saturday. Brad is from Florida, and is a huge Tampa Bay Bucs fan just like Cody. Brad and Melissa have two big screen TV's in their house - one in the basement and one on the main level. They are getting a keg and grilling a bunch of food before the Bucs preseason game kicks off at 6:00 Saturday night. I'm planning on taking Brandon for a couple of hours because their first baby is due right around Halloween -- and so Melissa will enjoy having Brandon around for a little while.

Have a good week!