"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, August 30, 2010

"Heeeerrreeee Come the Panthers!"

Okay this entry has this title because that's really all I can think about... and I'm feeling a little let down that UNI kicks off a week later than everyone else this fall. I'm tired of hearing about the Hawks' first game this weekend when I have to wait another week for Panther time. (On a side note, I got a Facebook invite this morning to attend an Iowa football game watch party -- ha! They obviously don't know me very well) ;)

Here are our updates:
Still hates green vegetables. I tried to trick him by buying him "Mixed Veggies" -- with carrots, peas, and potatoes thinking that would hide the peas taste. Didn't work the slightest bit. Oh well. He did, however, start bananas over the weekend and that went well. He's funny though. Even the foods he does like, every time we go to eat baby food, he makes a yucky face during the first bite. Like the texture is taking him a long time to get used to.

He's working on his 4th tooth, second one on the top. The top teeth are taking forever though... we've been able to see one of them for a couple of weeks but it's not progressing as fast as the bottom teeth did.

He's close to "scooting." He now can turn himself in different directions when on his tummy if he sees something that he wants to grab.

He can sit on his own for up to a minute at a time if he's concentrating. If there's anything near him that he wants in his hands, he topples right over trying to grab it.

I say this every blog entry, but he loves his big brother. This morning when we were waiting to leave for daycare, Jaden was hyper and running around. He also decided he wanted to jump. So he kept jumping up and down all over the place. Brandon giggled and squeeled at this the whole time. I think when Jaden's not around (like if he's napping for a long period of time), Brandon truly misses him. Sunday when Jaden woke up from his nap, Brandon's mood improved just by seeing his brother!

He turns 6 months this Thursday - has his doctor's appointment Friday - and his six-month pictures on Saturday.

His new favorite activity is to throw rocks into the creek behind our house. On nice evenings, Cody fills an old ice cream bucket with rocks from our driveway, and he and Jaden spend about five-10 minutes throwing them into the water.

He's really loving parks and big slides even more than he used to.

He's turning into a great singer. He now hums along in almost perfect tune to songs that he's familiar with.

He asks me to sing the UNI Fight song quite frequently. (LOVE THIS!!!!!) :)

My parents have an electronic keyboard at their house. Jaden likes to sit there, push the buttons to make it play different tunes -- and bee-bop along to the music! It's so funny to watch. I think we have a very talented boy on our hands. He's showing excellent athletic skills already (you should see him dribble a ball, and he's got an amazingly strong throw already) -- and excellent musical talent!

We bought him new shoes yesterday for this fall/winter... some really cool brown ones for church, etc. We had to get him a size 10! His feet are so stinkin wide!!!

He refuses to potty train. Refuses. I would love to spend a weekend trying the tactic where you make them run around the house naked so that he's afraid to have accidents. Minor problem -- I don't have a free weekend until October. My doctor has assured me that it's perfectly normal for boys to be three years old before they are potty trained... and I actually know another little boy who IS three and refuses to potty train... it still doesn't make me feel any better ;)

He likes to "help" do just about everything. Here is an example:

Cody wanted to adjust the pedals on this car. Jaden sat down, grabbed some tools -- and actually made himself somewhat useful. Cody said he actually used the screw driver to unscrew things a bit ;)

I'm ecstatic that we are reaching my favorite time of year. My only negative feelings right now are towards fantasy football. Whoever invented this disastrous activity obviously didn't have a wife and kids at home. Friday night, Cody went to a high school football game and didn't get home at all until after we were all in bed. Saturday he was gone half the day at his fantasy football draft. Sunday he was home but basically absent as he had to keep track of all of his fantasy guys playing in the preseason games. This is now going to be our lives until NFL season is over ;)
Hurry up September 11th!!!