"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, August 16, 2010

Just another manic Monday

This Monday I am thankful for...
-The blossoming relationship between Jaden and Brandon
-True friends
-Cooler temps
-Chinese food
-The Children's Place (it's a clothing store if you were unsure) ;)

What a week/weekend. I'll start with the weekend. Friday night we had some celebrating to do (more on that later) -- so we went with my parents to Crossroads to eat and shop. The Children's Place was having a sale on denim (Jaden needed new jeans) -- plus I had a coupon, and they have a lot of fall clothes now. I got quite a few things for Jaden at an awesome cost... so job well done. Poor little Brandon doesn't get new clothes very often because he gets to wear Jaden's hand-me-downs... but Jaden was so much bigger than Brandon so he didn't get to wear the same stuff for very long. So it's kind of like Brandon's wearing new clothes anyway ;) We also ate at the Chinese restaurant in the mall for the first time -- and it was awesome. Cody left it up to me to order while he sat with the boys... so he wasn't real happy with me when I told him I just ordered one meal for the two of us to split. He later was happy with me because it was so much food that we both ended up full... plus I ordered a new kind of chicken, and it was amazing! We also tried to put Jaden on the carousel in the mall. This was the third time he's ridden one. He rode it at Crossroads last year and liked it -- he rode one at Sturgis Falls in June and loved it -- but then was terrified of it Friday night and practically cried the whole time. Go figure! After the kids went to bed Friday night, Cassi came over and hung out with me and Cody for a little bit.

Saturday Cody had to go to Aplington to work on his parent's house so Cassi brought Ella over and we had a play date all morning. It was nice to have other people there to help entertain Jaden and Brandon. For lunch we decided to take the kids to Los Cabos on Main St. in Cedar Falls. We ate out on the patio and it was awesome. I had never eaten there before but will definitely go back. It's great atmosphere with great friendly service. The kids (and the moms) loved sitting outside watching the people walk up and down Main St. while we ate. I think this will be a new frequent family place for Cody and I to go. Brandon also tried sweet potatoes for the first time while we there and seemed to like them -- much better than green beans, which is definitely not a favorite food of his! ;)

Saturday night a guy I work with and a fellow Tampa Bay Bucs fan just like Cody -- hosted a football kickoff/Bucs party at his house. I left Jaden with my parents and took Brandon along for a couple of hours. Brad and Melissa are expecting their first child at the end of October so Brandon got lots of attention when we were at their house. It was a good time --- AND I drank my first beer since June of 2009! ;) When it was getting close to bed time I went home and Cody stayed until the Bucs game was over. Sunday morning we got up for church and then enjoyed a very peaceful afternoon. Jaden took a three hour nap... and Brandon took a 3 1/2 hour nap -- that is the longest nap he has ever taken!! They both were sleeping at the same time so even Cody and I got a chance to take naps. We then went to eat at the new Becks ThunderRidge in CF with Cody's parents and Cassi for supper.

One thing that stands out from this weekend is how amazing it is to watch Jaden and Brandon together. It is priceless the way Brandon's face lights up when Jaden pays attention to him. This morning Jaden was awake before Brandon so when Brandon woke up, Jaden went into Brandon's room with me. "I wanna wake up Brandon!" -- he says this all the time ;) When Brandon heard Jaden's voice, his head snapped up and looked all over the room for him -- and he got the biggest happiest grin on his face when Jaden looked up at  him and said, "Hi Brandon!" Jaden spent the rest of the morning as we were getting ready playing with Brandon. He helped me feed him his bottle, brought him toys, laid on the floor next to him, patted his back -- and at one point, I even caught him putting his sippy cup of juice all the way into Brandon's mouth. Oops ;) The only thing we're working on is sharing. Twice this weekend we had a huge issue with Jaden taking toys away from Brandon... we'll work on that ;)

Now to the reason we were celebrating Friday night. I had what was supposed to be a routine doctor's checkup last Wednesday. During the exam the doctor discovered two lumps. I immediately said to her that I thought they were from nursing and the fact that I was still drying up from that. The doctor (who is not my doctor -- I had to see someone else at the last minute) told me she thought they were too big and too hard to be from nursing. Yikes. So they immediately scheduled me for an ultrasound on Friday morning. It was a nerve wracking 36 hours. I went from being very scared and shocked -- to feeling better about things all day Thursday -- to being a nervous wreck again on Friday morning. Thank God that the radiologist got back to me before I even left the appointment Friday and told me that the lumps were not a mass of any kind. He said I had some milk ducts that were a bit more prominent than they should be and that might require follow up. Sometimes a worst case scenario for that is a woman has to have surgery to repair those milk ducts. Whatever... that sounded like a piece of cake after what the potential news could have been. I'm just so glad that they weren't masses -- if they would have been masses, this whole ordeal would have been dragged out longer because they would have had to perform a biopsy to see what exactly the mass was. And some more good news is that those lumps are starting to go away almost to the point of being gone already. So it doesn't seem as though I have to worry about needing to do anything with them down the road.