"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Thankfulness 8-2-10

This first Monday in AUGUST I am thankful for:
-The "Scripture that Inspires" series at Orchard Hill Church
-My family
-Conversations with my 2 1/2 year old
-Brandon's new favorite noise - shrieking

What a busy few days... where do I begin? I took Friday off because our babysitter was on vacation. It is exhausting being home with our two boys without Cody there to help, but Jaden was very good for me... on his best behavior. (Except for his little meltdown in Target -- but we'll forgive him for that one) ;) It was pouring rain for a long time on Friday morning, but I had some items that I absolutely had to pick up so I took on the attitude that "rain can't stop this super mom!" -- an attitude that I later regretted somewhat. As soon as I parked in the Target parking lot I realized that I couldn't wheel the boys into the store quickly in a shopping cart because there were no carts in the parking lot. So... I had to carry Brandon in his increasingly heavy carseat, while I held Jaden's hand and walked him inside. He's not the world's fastest walker so it was a very slow WET walk to get us all into the store. I got quite a few funny looks once we got inside -- we all looked like we'd taken a swim in the ocean. I also decided to let Jaden be a big boy and allow him to walk beside me while we shopped instead of ride in the cart with Brandon. This slowed down our shopping progress, but as a mommy you have to be flexible! We had a near disaster with a carton of eggs and Jaden deciding he wanted to pick up the carton of eggs off the shelf and nearly drop them on the floor... but as a mommy, I also have developed very quick reflexes and was able to swipe eggs out of said two-year olds hands just in time ;) (Of course Target worker was nearby watching the whole scene unfold and had a good little chuckle, but giving birth to two kids and living life with two kids -- you kind of stop being embarassed by a most things) :) The rest of the day was pretty uneventful -- I was very thankful that Jaden took a 3 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon!! Friday night Jaden and I went to pick up some hamburgers at HyVee while Cody stayed home with Brandon. Once again, I let Jaden walk through the store and after I turned my back for a second, he managed to find a crate full of big outdoor balls and start pulling them out of the crate and throwing them around the store. Again... this was followed by chuckles from HyVee workers watching from a distance. Never a dull moment!

Saturday there was a family reunion for Cody's family, but it was about an hour away, outdoors -- and it was HOT. So I decided to let Cody take Jaden for father/son bonding time, while Brandon and I stayed home and out of the extreme heat. According to Cody, Jaden had a good time throwing rocks in the lake and running up and down a hill over and over again. Brandon and I went on a mini shopping adventure to Crossroads with my parents. When the boys got home, I took Jaden to Blockbuster because I felt like renting a couple of movies. (Of course, they are due back Wednesday and I have yet to have time to watch them. Sigh). Anyways, while in Blockbuster, Jaden decided he didn't want to walk through the store... he wanted to crawl. So he did. He crawled. Through the whole store. To say I have a silly little boy is an understatement.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church -- which was awesome. Great teaching by Dave Bartlett. When Cody, Brandon and I went to pick Jaden up from his Sunday school room, I told him to say goodbye to the teachers and all the little kids before we walked out. I wish I would have had a video camera. He stood proud and tall and with both hands high in the air, waved bye - repeating "bye bye! bye bye! bye bye!" over and over again. It was like... "Jaden is LEAVING the building! You will not see me for another week, so enjoy me now!" ;) After naps on Sunday, we drove to Aplington to eat at Cody's parents'. My parents also drove over to join us. In our car, I still had a copy of the 2009 UNI Football Media Guide. For those of you that don't know what a media guide is - it's basically a somewhat large book previewing the upcoming season with pictures and bios of every player and coach... and lots of other neat pictures from the previous season, as well. I always loved looking at them when I was growing up -- because before my mom retired, she was the one writing the media guides every year so I always got a copy. Anyways - on the way to Aplington, I handed the 2009 book to Jaden to see if he would want to look at it in the back seat. Like mother, like son - talk about a proud moment for me ;) He was SO into looking at that media guide. Every picture was "There's TC's house! Football time at TC's house! I wanna go to TC's house! Go Panthers! TC TC TC!" (TC is the Panther mascot). He looked at that thing the whole way there and then asked to look at it again on the way home. He loved the pictures, and that is all we talked about! Then he asked to look at it again this morning on the way to daycare! He calls it TC's book ;) The other thing going on in the back seat of our car lately is the increased interaction between Brandon and Jaden. More and more Brandon is absolutely in love with his big brother. He spends almost his whole time in the car staring over at Jaden. He laughs at Jaden, and Jaden smiles back at him. On the way to Aplington Saturday night, Brandon started making shrieking noises, and Jaden thought this was awesome so he started laughing at Brandon. Then Brandon started laughing back at Jaden. This went on and on. It was one of those moments as a mommy when I knew I must have done something right along the way to be deserving of a moment like that. One of those moments that I wish I would have had a camera handy but at the same time -- don't need one because that picture will be clear in my mind forever.

So that was our weekend --
A few random bits of information: Jaden used to be terrified of bugs. He isn't anymore. The other day he walked up to me and said, "A bug!" -- He held his hand out to me and between his thumb and finger was a bug that he had picked up by himself, smashed to kill and wanted me to throw in the garbage. Thank you, dear -- but next time take it to your daddy ;)
Also, my mom watched Jaden one day last week, and when she went into the bedroom to get him up from his nap, he was pointing at the ground. She thought he was trying to tell her that there was a bug down there. Instead he ended up telling her that he had picked his nose. He was pointing out the booger so that she could pick it up off the floor. How nice of him ;)

I'm so very glad it's August. Life is picking up speed again. (Wait a minute... has it even slowed down in the last two years? Not really.) Anyways... this weekend we have an all-church picnic on Sunday afternoon. Next weekend we have a Tampa Bay Bucs kickoff party at a friend's house. The following weekend Cody has his ten-year high school reunion. Two weeks after that is Labor Day weekend, and that following weekend UNI football kicks off. Not to mention we have a quickly growing toddler and a baby that acts like he wants to crawl by the time he's six months old. I also realized yesterday that we are approaching the LAST school year that we will not have a child in school for the next couple of decades. That is extremely exciting -- and extremely terrifying to think about!! Jaden actually starts preschool in just one more year?? He can't. He's still my baby.

Sorry this was so long -- happy Monday :)