"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, September 20, 2010

Nice God!

Jaden has started a new adventure at church recently. His first two years of life, he went to the nursery rooms while Cody and I attended the service. This summer he moved up to the "Terrific Twos" room, and now that the school year has started, they are implementing Sunday School teachings and offering some structure aside from just "play time." I love it, and Jaden loves it, too. I love picking him up at the end of that hour, and peeking in to see what he is in the middle of doing before he realizes we are there to get him. I also love that when the parents come to get their kids, we receive a little note as to what was taught during that morning's teachings so that we can expand on it at home in our discussions with our little ones. Yesterday morning when I picked him up, the note said that they had been talking about how God is the one who has given us all the nice food we get to eat every day and what a blessing that is. They also incorporated a little craft into the lesson. The craft was putting little circular cereal bites onto a drawing of a tree. (Gotta keep it simple at two years old!) One of the teachers politely informed, as she was handing me Jaden's picture, that he loved the cereal. When looking at the picture, I noticed that he'd eaten some of the cereal right off the picture after he had "glued" it on.... no surprise there ;)

Anyways... I was telling my parents yesterday about what Jaden had learned at church that morning, and as I was explaining it, Jaden chimed in with HIS version of what he had learned. And this is what he said... "NICE God!!"

In all the detail and the abundance of stories that are in the Bible... Jaden has already learned one of the most important things about our God. Yes, Jaden, God IS nice!! :)