"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy UNI Homecoming Week

It's Homecoming week for UNI. And last night I had OP Pizza and bread sticks... which was a weekly meal for me in college (at least it seems that way looking back). So I'm feeling a little sentimental. I am reflecting on what I miss about the "college days." This post is in no way intended to take away from the life I have now... I love my husband and kids dearly and would never trade them in for a trip back in time to when my life didn't include them. BUT college was an awesome four years for me so -- here are my reflections on what I miss the most...

*Classes. I can't believe I'm saying that. But right now I sit in an office by myself with no windows. I miss social interaction during the day!

*Skipping classes :)

*My "jobs" -- if you can really call them that. Working in the Athletic Media Relations office and in the football office was a b.l.a.s.t. The only reason I didn't pursue a career in athletic media relations was because I wanted to actually be at home with my family and not working seven days a week. BUT... for a single college student... it was awesome -- and didn't even feel like work most of the time. I got PAID to go to football and basketball games. I loved the people I worked with and am still friends with most of them to this day. My jobs MADE my college experience the amazing experience it was. Sigh. I could on and on about this.

*Being able to function on four hours of sleep. Once I turned 21 my junior year, I typically was out enjoying life at night every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And was still able to go to class, study and work. Kelly Cole -- my camera misses you.

*The OP. What a great idea I had when I decided to move into an apartment just one block away from the OP for my junior and senior years.

*Spring Break. "Real life" employers should start providing one of these.

*Christmas Break.

*The Union. I can remember freshman year... thinking UNI was so big because I didn't know 90 percent of the people that I saw in the Union during study breaks. By senior year, I KNEW 90 percent of the students in the Union.

*Walking through campus.

*Being surrounded by friends all the time. I lived with my friends, I was neighbors with my friends, I took classes with my friends, I worked with my friends.

*Crushes. Cody -- I love you, and I waited patiently for you. But come on... everyone knows that having a "new crush" can be pretty exciting ;)

*Being able to go home for a home cooked meal instead of having to be the one to provide the home cooked meal. ;)

*Traveling with the football team. I can't watch the 2005 highlight video without getting teary-eyed. (This was the year we went to the national championship). I didn't miss a game and spent every single away game on the sidelines. Honestly one of the best four months of my life. We had SO much fun.

*Working out in the WRC. I wish I could still go to the WRC to workout. The WRC was motivation that I just do not have anymore.

*Having keys to the Dome. When I started working in the football office, they gave me my own set of keys. This was motivation to run the Dome steps whenever I wanted to. Again... motivation I do not have anymore.

*Karaoke nights at the OP. I know I've already mentioned the OP, but karaoke nights deserved its own bullet point.

*Living at Hillcrest. What a year. Out of the dorms and my first "on-my-own" apartment experience. So many funny memories.

*Finals week. Not the actual test taking part of the week... but all the fun we always had when that week was over. :)

*The excitement of meeting and dating Cody. This was a good way to kick off senior year ;)

*Receiving text messages at 3 a.m. Even if I was home sleeping. Just nice to know your friends were thinking of you ;)

*Getting emails that class is canceled. Suddenly a free hour during the day! Heaven.

There's more but these come first to mind. I'm so glad I chose UNI, I'm so glad I had the experiences I had... I'm so glad it got me to where I am today with a wonderful little family and lifelong friendships.

Happy Homecoming week, UNI! Panther Purple for life!