"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Sick Little Family :(

You know that saying - "When it rains, it pours"? Boy is that the honest truth.

Lets start with two weeks ago. When Brandon gets a tooth, it's like hell for two to three days right before it pops through the surface. So two weeks ago we had a fussy weekend as we waited for his eighth tooth to come out. Got through it - awesome. Shortly after, Cody started feeling awful - short of breath, horrible headaches... could barely function. This went on for almost a week before he finally agreed to go see a doctor at convenient care this past Sunday. Diagnosis? Bronchitis. Sweet. So they prescribed him with a Z-pack and codeine. It took about four days after that, but he's finally feeling better. He had horrible headaches for quite a while because his sinuses were so clogged - and he even threw up once. Before he was out of the woods, Jaden started coming down with a horrible cold (probably from Cody) -- which he still has. About a day after Jaden got his cold, I got a call at work from daycare at about 9:30 Wed. morning. Brandon had thrown up three times within about a half an hour. Great. So I had to leave work at the worst possible time. My boss is opening up another one of our centers in Minneapolis, and the girl he had hired to help run the office up there had come down here to work with me and train with me. So... here I am leaving work... and here she is four hours from her home... to work with me. Cody couldn't leave work because he had just missed work due to his sickness. I not only missed Wednesday, but I had to be home Thursday, too as Brandon still wasn't any better. While I was at home on Thursday, I got three frantic phone calls throughout the day from my boss stating how badly things were going in the office and that I really needed to find a way to be at work on Friday regardless of what was going on. Okay...
So Friday morning (which would be this morning) at about 3:00 a.m. Brandon (who we thought was getting better) -- ends up pooping all over the place and then throwing up -- ALL over me. Apparently he's not better yet. I absolutely have to be at work so Cody has to stay home again... which is really bad because he's used up all of his paid leave. I take Jaden to daycare this morning, and not even an hour later I get the call -- Jaden has thrown up all over the daycare living room floor. So now Cody is home with both Brandon and Jaden, and I am hating being at work because I have a sick family at home, and I feel very helpless.

This stomach flu is the worst thing. It started with one girl at daycare who came down with it last weekend, and they tried bringing her to daycare Monday and Tuesday. Well, glad they did that because she has literally infected everybody at the daycare. There are zero kids at daycare today because every single one has it now. And the little girl that started it --- STILL has it five days later. None of the kids have fevers... the just throw up randomly. And it's weird -- Brandon went the whole day yesterday without throwing up anything. He did have some horrible diapers, but was able to keep his food down. Then all of the sudden he throws up again in the middle of the night. And that's how all the other kids are reacting, too. Going long periods of time perfectly fine... and then throwing up again. Bummer timing. With Halloween on Sunday I really don't see how Jaden will be able to trick-or-treat. Maybe I'm wrong. I hope so. I bought costumes.

On top of the flu, Jaden still has his bad cold and Brandon was showing signs of a runny nose this morning.

God -- please make it all go away. Please :)