"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Kids These Days

I'm lucky Brandon likes to be held a lot because Jaden definitely is past his cuddly stage. (Not that he ever was much of a cuddler, but he did used to have his moments). I have to pretend to be super sad to even get a hug from him these days. Or... bribe him. This morning when Cody was getting the boys out the door, Jaden refused to hug or kiss me goodbye. But he loves to be able to push the garage door button. So... Cody made a deal with him that if he would give me a hug and kiss goodbye then he could push the button. At this point Jaden was already out the door, down the deck steps and standing in the driveway. When Cody told him what he had to do in order to push the button, he ran as fast as he could back up the deck steps and opened our back door screaming, "mama hug! mama hug!" Can't believe we're having to resort to bribery to get my 2 1/2 year old to give me a goodbye hug!

He's also testing his boundries. Which is no surprise considering his age. But he's getting this stubborn, authoritative little attitude and unfortunately we hear, "No!" a lot. Or sometimes it's more like this: "Noooooo MAMA!" And then he glares at me. Lovely. (Sometimes it frustrates the heck out of me -- sometimes I have to hold in laughter because it's rediculously comical how much power he THINKS he has.) ;)

He still refuses to sit on the potty with his pants and diaper off. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Occasionally we're letting him drink without a sippy cup lid. But only if it's while he's sitting at the table... not if he wants to carry a drink around with him. He does really well without a lid as long as the cup's not too full.

He doesn't like to share toys with Brandon. Even if it's a toy he's never had any remote interest in... all of the sudden it's like gold if it's in Brandon's hands. He resorts to trying to steal the toy right out of Brandon's hands and saying, "Mine, Brandon!" -- but this isn't happening quite as often as it had been so I think he's slowly learning.

He's now opening up the fridge and telling me what he wants for snack. I don't like this so much -- I'd rather him just be content to take what I offer ;)

Last night I asked him what he wanted for supper. Normally he doesn't really respond with anything other than "milk." But last night this is how it went: Me - "Jaden, what do you want for supper?" Jaden - "Umm... noodles." He loves noodles with butter and parmesan cheese. ;)

He loves loves loves music. So much so that he gets mad if Brandon is making noise in the car because he thinks Brandon is interrupting the song. "No no no Brandon! I want to hear the song!" This happens every single time we have to go anywhere. He also refuses to let me sing along to any of the songs on his movies.

His favorite movies are on a rotating cycle: Boz Christmas... which he refers to as the Christmas Movie. Choo Choo Movie or "Balloon Choo Choo." They are both Thomas movies, but the balloon one has pictures of balloons on the DVD case. His most current favorite is once again "Potty Time Elmo." You would think that as often as he watches Elmo sit on the toilet, he'd have some interest in it. Yea, you would think.

He doesn't understand that going to the Pumpkin Patch is a once a year special activity. Every day he tells us he wants to go to the Pumpkin Patch.

He gets excited about clothes now. If I tell him he's wearing something new when I dress him in the morning he talks about it later. "New shirt!!!"

We have a routine prayer we say before supper every night. He knows it pretty well and always tries to say it along with us. I need to get this on video.


His eighth tooth just came in. And he's not even eight months old yet. I imagine he's sick of teething. I'm incredibly sick of teething.

In many ways I am thinking that Brandon is going to be much more like me, and Jaden is going to be much more like Cody. Jaden was bothered by teeth ocassionally but not to the extent that Brandon has been. There were times where Jaden would get blood drawn or shots and wouldn't even cry. He's a tough little stinker. So is Cody. I am not. Neither is Brandon. When Jaden was a baby (aside from his first five weeks of colic) he was the easiest baby you would ever meet. Incredibly laid back. We could lay him on the floor, give him a toy to shake around, and he was content like this forever. Brandon... no. Since he was able to roll over, he hasn't stopped trying to get anywhere but where we put him. If I put him in his Bumbo seat to feed him, he spends his entire meal trying to get out. If we put him in the swing to try and feed him, he's trying to get out. If we lay him on his back to play, he is immediately on his tummy. If we sit him up to play, he immediately is trying to get on all fours. And when he's on all fours, he moves forward about two "steps" and then is frustrated and collapses onto his tummy. He is not laid back. He is like me. Once he is able to completely crawl, I am thinking and hoping that he will be a much happier baby. Not that he's not happy - we love him dearly. But again -- not quite as laid back as Jaden was.

He has the cutest giggle in the whole world.

He has days where he's hungry and days where he's not at all hungry.

He is tiny. I had to get him a 0-6 month Halloween costume because the 6-12 month would have swallowed him whole. You wouldn't have even been able to see HIM in the costume. Again... the exact opposite of Jaden.

He continues to adore his big brother. Jaden watched as I gave Brandon a bath the other night, and he kept smiling at Brandon. Every time Jaden smiled at him, Brandon kicked, splashed, giggled, squeeled... just got incredibly excited. It really is the sweetest thing to watch happen.

He's in the stage of liking to grab and pinch. Cody has been calling me "Scar" for a week because without warning Brandon grabbed on to my cheek last week and pulled and ripped a thin layer of skin off. He likes to grab at Jaden's face, too. This doesn't go over too well with Jaden most of the time.

He goes to bed at 7:30 regardless of how hard I try to keep him awake. He then wakes up most mornings by 5:30. It's a vicious cycle. But this too shall pass.

--The fun thing about parenting is things are constantly changing as kids go through growth and different phases of development. We love our little boys!