"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Milestone Reached

Brandon will be eight months old tomorrow, and he has reached another milestone. He's been sitting on his own for quite a while... and crawling for almost two weeks now. But last night he started getting himself from the crawling position -- to the sitting up position -- all by himself. It used to be that he would crawl to the toy or object he wanted and then play with it while on his tummy or roll over onto his back. Now he grabs it and sits himself right up to play with it! He did this over and over again last night before bed and was pretty happy with himself ;)

...In other news, we have survived a brutal week. From my previous blog post you know that we were battling flu and colds and bronchitis like crazy. Well Jaden made it through the weekend without throwing up again (after he threw up twice on Friday). His cold also seems to be getting much better. However, Cody went back to the doctor on Saturday morning and had to be put on meds for a sinus infection. Poor guy has had bronchitis and now a sinus infection --- he sounds awful. By Saturday late afternoon, Brandon was as fussy as ever. He's not getting a tooth, but he was having trouble sleeping and eating... so... we took him to the same doctor Saturday afternoon that Cody saw Saturday morning! Turns out our little peanut had an ear infection in one year AND a sinus infection. I didn't think his cold was horrible because he didn't have a lot of snot coming out of his nose... well, it turns out it was because it was all draining down the back of his throat. When the doctor looked at his throat, all he could see was thick green mucus. :( SO Brandon got put on medicine Saturday night. Then yesterday Cody threw up in the afternoon. I now have the cold, but I would much rather be sick than have my kids be sick so I'm dealing with it. Brandon slept better last night than he did on Saturday night -- he's not completely back to being himself... but he seemed improved last night. He also was very excited to get to daycare this morning. He's been cooped up in our house since Wednesday morning so he was having some cabin fever issues! Kinda bummed this all happened around Halloween... but hopefully this means our Thanksgiving will be healthy! (Fingers crossed!!) Since we weren't healthy enough to trick or treat in the neighborhoods we took the kids to the mall yesterday for the mall's trick or treating. Neither of the boys were too thrilled with being in their costume so the pictures aren't very good... but when I get them loaded on my computer I'll share them with you all.

Tomorrow night I am taking Jaden to the first UNI basketball game of the season! Can't believe it's already that time of year. The games are too late in the evening during the week for Brandon, but Cody and I are going to take turns taking Jaden to them because he will really enjoy them, and it will give each of us one-on-one time with our little Jaden-man. I'm also excited that there's only three full work weeks left before Thanksgiving week... and I cannot wait to get our Christmas stuff put up!