"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dentist and Steps

We had a big day yesterday! I took Jaden to the dentist for the FIRST time. For any local mommies out there looking for a good "pediatric dentist" -- I recommend All Smiles on 1st Street in Cedar Falls. They were wonderful! The whole experience was so much improved from what I remember the dentist to be like when I was little ;) The moment we walked in the door, Jaden noticed the basket of blocks and cars waiting for him to play with. He dug right in! They also had a lot of kid's books there to read while we waited -- but we didn't have to wait long at all. Before we went to the back, the receptionist told Jaden that if he was good for the dentist he would get a balloon when he was all done. She gave him a list of colors to choose from, and he told her he wanted the blue balloon :)

Missy was the hygienist that worked with us. Jaden and I had been talking about this experience for a week leading up to the visit - we even read "The Bernstein Bears Go To The Dentist" at bedtime. So he was excited to have his "teeth cleaned." But of course once we got back there and they put him in the chair, he was slightly hesitant at first. There was a big flat screen TV hanging over his chair that had cartoons on... so that was nice! Missy was SO beyond friendly with Jaden -- but when she asked him to open his mouth for her for the first time (she had the little dentist mirror in her hands so she could see the backs of his teeth) -- he immediately turned to me, reached out his arms and got tears in his eyes. I thought... "uh oh here we go." BUT Missy immediately grabbed the new toothbrush he was going to get to take home with him and asked him if he would show her how he brushes his teeth. Well, Jaden loves to brush his teeth at home so he did this very willingly. And that was that! From that point on, he cooperated with everything they needed to do for him. He opened his mouth wide "like an alligator" every time they asked him to. They counted all his teeth (he has all the teeth he should have at this age). They let him touch all the tools that were going to be using. (Which is huge for Jaden because he LOVES to touch new things). Missy kept saying to me, "we're just going to build trust throughout this whole visit." And they really did. They cleaned with the little vibrating brush they use for adults -- we told Jaden there was "candy" on it -- and he loved the blueberry flavor ;) They put a special coating on his teeth before he left (I guess it's the new thing to do now) -- and she showed him how it looked like frosting before she actually put it on his teeth. When we left he got a dentist pack with a new toothbrush, sticker, pencil and a little hourglass he can use to make sure he brushes his teeth long enough. He also got his blue balloon of course ;) We go back in six months, and Missy is the one who scheduled our next appointment -- and it will be with her again. She said they try and make sure kids see the same person every time they go. It was a great experience, and I'm just mad at myself for forgetting to bring my camera! Jaden looked and acted so grown up and he was so good throughout - that it almost brought me to tears. He's getting so big!

THEN last night... Brandon climbed up two whole steps all by himself! He once again was trying to follow Jaden and Cody into the bathroom at Jaden's bath time. I was watching Brandon by the steps, and all of the sudden he pushed himself up to a standing position -- which is the first time he's pushed himself up to completely standing. Then... before I knew it... he started climbing up the steps! He made it up two of them, and by that point I was shrieking and he was giggling because he was so proud of himself! This was shortly before his bedtime, and the whole experience must have recharged his batteries because normally he is out like a light by 8:00. Well.. I put him in his room THINKING he was sound asleep at 8:00. But when I walked by his room about 10 minutes later after putting Jaden to bed... THIS is what I saw when I peaked in Brandon's bedroom door:
He was kneeling in the corner of his crib just smiling while looking out his door. He had managed to grab a blanket of his that was folded up on top of a hamper by his bed - and pulled that into his bed with him. He was trying to grab his turtle that was on top of the hamper as well. (We have one of those turtles that projects stars up onto the ceiling at night). He was WIDE awake.

AND then I watched as he tried to stand up in his crib. Well that prompted me to go grab Cody... and we had to lower his mattress again -- to its lowest point. Now if he stands up he can't fall over on to the floor. I am just amazed at how fast he is growing. Our first year with him is going even faster than Jaden's first year... probably because I'm about 20 times as busy.

He and Jaden also played together for a while last night -- with Jaden's cars and car garage. I watched as Brandon would grab hold of a car, put it at the top of the garage and push the car down the car ramp - over and over again just like he sees Jaden do. If the car would tip over, Brandon would put it back on its wheels the way its supposed to be. He learns so much just from watching what his big brother does!

We are excited for this weekend. The UNI basketball team has a big game tonight that we will get to watch. (They're playing at Syracuse). Then the last regular season football game is tomorrow night... and if we win, we're on our way to being conference champs... again! Some friends of ours have a brand new baby girl, and I get to go see her on Sunday (she will be only a week and a half old). Cody is not wanting me to go see her because he thinks it's going to give me "baby girl ideas." HA. He has nothing to worry about. I am very content and happy with my THREE boys :) I also have my Christmas shopping list completely figured out -- I know what I'm getting for our boys, for our parents and for most of the other little ones we have to buy for. Now I just have to go PURCHASE everything. So I think I'm going to try and get a big chunk of that done this weekend because there are some big sales at Target and Toys R Us right now. It will be nice to have the big bulk of that all taken care of. 

Happy Friday!