"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Plans!

We are so busy at our house! Normally I like to put the Christmas tree up the Friday after Thanksgiving, but Cody has to work Friday. And our upcoming Saturday and Sunday are shot. SO we put the Christmas tree up this past Sunday, and I'm SO happy we did. Nothing brings me more peace and happiness than a room lit up by a Christmas tree :) The boys are doing a good job of staying away from it and not trying to pull at it. Although it helps that I purposely have not put very many ornaments along the bottom of the tree :)
We started putting the tree together before the kids went down for naps. Then when we were ready to actually put up the lights and ornaments we put them in their beds. This is Brandon trying to figure out what the heck all that prickly stuff is :)

These two pictures were taken right after Brandon woke up... seeing the tree for the first time. He just kinda gawked at it for a while ;)
"Baby's 1st Christmas" ornaments. The one on the left is the new one I got for Brandon... the one on the right was Jaden's two years ago!

I am super excited for a four-day weekend... although I'm going to be needing a vacation from my "vacation!" Our plans are as follows:
Thanksgiving Day - Morning - breakfast at my parents before they head to Cedar Rapids to spend the day with my grandpa. (We try to alternate Thanksgivings every other year - so next year we will be spending the bulk of the holiday with my family. All of my cousins are spending it with their spouses' families this year, too. So next year we will all be together again).
Noon - heading to Aplington for Thanksgiving meal at Cody's grandma's and Cody's dad's side of the family.
Evening - supper at Cody's parents' house with just us and Cassi and Ella - and helping Tim and Deanne put up their Christmas tree.
Friday - Morning - Cody has to work all day so the boys and I plan on going to my parents' to "help" them put up their tree. (We will probably hinder their progress - sorry Mom and Dad).
Afternoon - taking the boys home for naps.
Evening - Holiday Hoopla kickoff downtown Cedar Falls. A fabulous event. Have I mentioned in previous posts that I love where I live?? Well, I do. I LOVE where I live :)
Saturday - UNI hosts the opening round of the football playoffs in the Dome. Kickoff at noon. I will be a nervous crazy mommy all morning waiting for this game. I LOVE the playoff system. There is nothing like it. Nothing. The excitement and anticipation... wanting to win SO badly... it's just wonderful. "The thrill of victory... and the agony of defeat..." Can't wait.
Sunday - family pictures/Brandon's nine-month pictures/Jaden's "3-year" pictures at 11:00. (Pray for me and for this experience!)
Noon - ANOTHER Thanksgiving gathering in Aplington.

Do you think we've packed enough into four days? Not to mention our washing machine decided to stop working. And I'm a little nervous how the kids will handle all of this craziness. Especially since Brandon has come down with yet another ear infection. But the doctor put him on a powerful dose of a five-day antibiotic last night. I'm hoping he's doing better by tomorrow or at least by halfway through the weekend. We have his nine-month checkup next week, and I will be discussing the possibility of tubes with his pediatrician.

That's it for this post! The next month is pretty crazy... especially if UNI can pull out a victory this Saturday! So with all this hustle and bustle, what do I plan on doing during my one hour of alone time over my lunch break today? I'm going to go to Barnes and Noble, sit on my butt, and read a book ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!