"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick Update

Brandon's ninth tooth is about to pop. We can clearly see its white tip coming up, and he's had a lot of swelling, but the tooth hasn't completely popped through the skin yet. It's been bothering him a little bit the last day or two - lots of chewing on his fingers and a lack of appetite. He woke up screaming as if he was being tortured at around 11:00 last night... we gave him some Tylenol and he slept the rest of the night.

Jaden is now saying "sorry" all on his own quite frequently. If he can see that we are frustrated with something he's done - or doesn't do - he has been coming over to me all on his own, resting his head down on my shoulder - and saying, "Sorry, Mama." So sweet, so cute and so grown up.

Brandon has stood without support quite a few times now. He doesn't do it on purpose, and once he realizes that he's doing it, he usually gets really excited with himself and then sits down immediately. ;)

We are two weeks away from introducing Brandon to milk - no more buying formula - no more bottles. I'm pretty excited. No more washing bottles - no more bottles drying on my kitchen counter - no more dirty bottles taking up my sink. Kind of sad though, too... can't believe he's reached that point!

We switched Brandon to a "big boy" car seat this weekend and said goodbye to his infant seat. He HATED being put in his infant seat... and he was finally to the point where he was too long for it. His little feet and legs hung off it so we decided to make the switch a little early. He now sits in a regular car seat FACE FORWARD. Technically you're supposed to wait until they are a year old and weigh 20 pounds before you let them sit forward instead of backwards... but he weighs 22 pounds and is two weeks away from his first birthday. Close enough. And he is much happier sitting face forward.

Brandon hasn't been real good at taking two naps a day for quite some time now -- which is a big adjustment for us. Jaden took two good naps a day until he was 18 months old. Brandon is usually ready for his nap between 11:00/11:30 and then can sleep until 1:30/2:00. It's horrible timing because he misses lunch a lot and then has to eat a later lunch... which screws up his appetite for supper... but after trying for quite a while to keep him awake until early afternoon... I've given up. It's also a rough routine since he normally is awake by 2:00... he is then incredibly tired by 6:30/7:00. This also makes supper time rough. But oh well... I know it's a phase, and it will pass and hopefully as he gets a little older we will have an easier time making him wait until after lunch to put him down for nap.

Jaden continues to fight potty training. Our new daycare lady is awesome at attempting almost every hour to put him on the potty... and we try at home... but we are not succeeding at all. I don't understand it, and Cody and I are getting pretty frustrated. He is showing absolutely no desire to learn, and he hates having to interrupt play time to sit on the potty. I keep getting assurances from our doctor and from other people we know who have had the same issue -- that I don't need to stress over it. He will not graduate high school in a diaper. Still... I'm ready to have one less kid to buy diapers for!

Brandon is still not sleeping through the night. Jaden didn't sleep through the night until he was a year old. And Brandon hasn't had much of an opportunity to try lately with all of the sickness, ear infections and teething he constantly goes through. The ENT doctor in Iowa City told us he thinks that Brandon might sleep much better after he gets tubes put in March 11. He said even when the ear isn't infected, there could be fluid in his ear quite frequently that bothers him during the night when he's laying flat. I also haven't had the opportunity to make him "cry it out" either. How do you make a kid with an ear infection - or a kid with a cold - or a kid who is teething badly - "cry it out?" That would just be cruel.

A big event for us this past week was switching daycares. I won't go into all of the reasons as to why we switched... but we are glad we did it. Our kids are doing great at their new in-home daycare, and we are paying half the price of what we used to pay. I actually think it was the toughest decision I've had to make yet on my journey of parenthood because we'd been going to the same place since Jaden was a baby... almost three years. Daycare can be such a huge stress for parents but it can also be a great blessing for the kids if you find the right one. I'm glad we made the decision that we made, and I also think it was a prayer answered for us financially. It's amazing the ways in which God provides!

That's about it for us. We are loving the "warmer" temps, and I just got an email from my Scentsy sales lady. I'm super excited to order all of my spring and summer "scents" for my Scentsy pot... I'm going to force myself to wait about a month though. Especially since there's snow in the forecast again for this upcoming weekend. Can't wait for our first walk, first visit to the park, first steak on the grill and the first smell of freshly cut grass! I'm hoping Brandon starts walking soon so by the time we can be playing outside, he can run around with Jaden instead of trying to crawl everywhere!