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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jaden's Birthday Celebrations!

Jaden turned three on January 28. Or as he would say... "I am FREE!" (That's more of what it sounds like coming from his mouth). ;) We started the celebration on his actual birthday - that Friday - by going out to eat at the O.P. with family. The four of us - my mom and Dad - Cody's parents - and Cassi and Ella. Then everyone came back to our house and watched as we surprised Jaden with his birthday present from us - his very own Thomas the Train table! We found it on clearance atToys R Us (because they are normally very pricey) -- and my parents split the cost with us. Then Cody and I also bought him some more track to enlarge the collection he'd already received at Christmas. He was pretty excited!

The next morning - Saturday morning - he had his first Kindergym glass up at UNI. This was another "present" from us.

*This was his favorite activity while we were there!

*Another one of his goofy "cheese!" grins. ;)

Then that afternoon we celebrated with a pool party at the Wingate Hotel! It was funny to be swimming in their indoor pool while watching the snow storm begin to rage outside! Everyone had a very good time, and a lot of people told me we should just plan the same exact party for his next birthday! We invited family and some of his absolute best buddies from his previous daycare.

*Of course it was a Thomas the Train themed birthday party!

*This is his good friend Marissa. He used to call her his "girlfriend" all the time when they used to go to the same daycare! We are looking forward to some play dates together when the weather gets nicer. :)

*The four of us... Daddy and Brandon had a good time, too. :)

*Brandon and Noah... these two little ones thought they should get first dibs on whatever was in the cooler when we were done swimming! :)
I have more pictures but haven't gotten them all uploaded yet to be able to put them in here. Maybe the next entry? I'll work on it. ;)

Happy birthday Jaden!