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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Panther Love

If you know me well enough to follow my blog... you know we are die-hard Panther fans. I'm so proud that we are passing on that love for all things Purple and Gold to our kiddos. Especially Jaden. He enjoyed many basketball games this season. He loved the "big band," T.C., listening to the music, eating the pizza, popcorns and ice cream. He knows the fight song, sings it day and night and sometimes pretends to be Kwadzo Ahelegbe in our basement... running around with his Panther basketball and getting into his defensive stance. It is funny. At the games, he could be heard yelling with the best of them. "PANTHERS! You need to put it in the hoop!" "Go DEFENSE!" ...And at one point... when the rest of the crowd was silenced.... Jaden yelled at the top of his lungs... "Go KWADZO!!" And he was heard. :) As the boys age, this is a family activity - along with football games - that I can't wait to enjoy more and more. The Dome and the Mccleod Center are like home for me. I have SO many memories growing up at Panther events. It is such an important part of my family's life... and I feel so much pride when I watch Jaden get as excited about the Panthers as I do. He reminds me of me when I was three.

*At one game... Jaden literally tried to feed T.C. some popcorn. It is safe to say... these two are seriously at a friendship level. They are buddies. And it is so cute.

*A new game-day tradition. Sitting with Papa J. at press row before tip-off. :)

*I love this picture. Jaden is a true "Justis" -- as we have all spent our fair share of hours working press row at basketball games. Maybe one day my Dad will pass the torch... or should I say the microphone... onto Jaden? You never know. ;)

*Brandon and I standing in front of the garage door in the Dome. :) He doesn't realize it yet... but he too will soon be singing the Fight Song around our house. :)

*Waiting for tip-off!

*He's got it down perfectly. Hand up to his mouth... cheering for the Panthers. Did I say I was proud of him?? So proud. ;)

*His mouth is open because he is literally screaming, "Heeeeeerrrrreee come the Panthers!" -- right along with my dad. :) And yes -- he does drag out the "Heeeerrreee" for as long as his little lungs can carry it! :)

*Not a lot of students at this game because it was Christmas break... but T.C. never misses!

*Brandon exploring the big Dome without the football field down! :)

*He's saying... "Thank you, Mommy, for making me a Panther fan!!!" ;)

*Cody chatting it up with one of the assistant athletic directors before the game started!

*Waiting with much anticipation for the Panthers to make their entrance!

*Coach Jake... I got to nanny for he and his wife and their two boys three mornings a week my senior year at UNI. I can tell you -- because I know him when he's at home and when he's on the court -- that we are so lucky he is our coach! The nicest guy... and the definition of class. Another reason I'm proud to be a Panther -- he does things the right way.

*This is the look Jaden gave me when I said, "Say cheese!" -- Do you think he looks like a Justis sitting here with my dad?? I do. :)
Go Panthers!!!