"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pee-pee in the Po-TTY!!

"Mama, I peed on the potty all by myself!!"... says Jaden when I get home from work on Monday. Not only did he pee on the potty all by himself (which up until then only happened maybe once a week) -- but he went the WHOLE day with a dry diaper. Meaning... he left home in the morning with a diaper on... and came home that evening wearing THE SAME diaper??!

And folks, I'm proud to say, the trend... continues!! My three year old stinker of a son has finally decided he wants to wear that cute little Thomas the Train and Mickey Mouse underwear that has been stashed in the top drawer of his dresser for months now. And it gets better each day. What started out as an accomplishment just by putting him on the potty every single hour throughout the day... has turned into him actually saying these awesome words -- "I have to go potty!" And I even questioned it once. Five or six nights out of seven he wakes up in the morning completely dry -- and we have been used to him peeing three buckets full about 15 minutes after waking up. But the other morning he had an incredibly wet diaper when he woke up -- so when he told me as he was getting out of bed that he had to go potty, I replied -- "Are you sure??? Your diaper is very wet." I had assumed he had already done his morning peeing... in his diaper. But he insisted that even though his diaper was wet as could be -- he had more coming. So... off came the soggy diaper and to the potty went my son. Sure enough --- he DID still have to potty some more!

He has now told me a couple of times... "I want to wear my underwear!" Well, we are not quite to that point yet. He still had one afternoon this week where he peed and pooed in his diaper during his nap. And I'm still not sure what he's going to do when we're out and about or when he's heavily involved in playing and decides he doesn't want to take a time out to go to the potty. But we're making incredible progress. Incredible. Like over night a switch was flipped. Like all of the sudden he's finally associating the feeling of pottying with the actual action of pottying. And I'm so stinkin proud of him. And he's pretty excited because he knows this means he does get to go to preschool this fall. :) I'm also excited that he will be really good at it by this summer... so he won't have to wear those incredibly uncomfortable "swimmers" diapers when he gets in the pool!