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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane...

If you're a UNI basketball fan, you will appreciate this video. This was my dad doing the starting lineups in 1990 -- this specific game was the conference tournament championship. The Panthers won it, and so therefore we earned our first bid ever into the NCAA Tournament.

I was six. I have one distinct memory... from this game. And I laugh at myself. Being six, I didn't realize how HUGE of a win this was. My parents - at the time - both had responsibilities at the basketball games, so I always sat with our head athletic trainer's wife (Jeri) and their son. (Casey - their son - is still like a brother to me to this day). As soon as the game was over, we had won the championship, the crowd was going crazy - and the players were getting ready to cut down the nets... what did I tell Jeri I had to do-- right when the players were climbing the ladder to cut the nets to celebrate the first ever trip to the NCAA tournament?? I told her I had go to the bathroom! I made her miss the biggest celebration the UNI Panther family and fans had ever experienced!!! (I'm so sorry Jeri!!!!) ...I can't believe I remember that, but I do.

Yes, that's the only memory I have from this game. But... I was on the poster in my little UNI cheerleading outfit for this historic season. I remember getting the picture taken for the poster. I remember all of the players from this season - all of the coaches - and even some of the cheerleaders. And we still have the UNI cheerleading outfit that I wore to every game. Somewhere.

Anyways... my dad sent me the link to this video this morning... after someone sent it to him. Great memories of great people and great times. Happy I was born a Panther!! ;)

1990 UNI Starting Lineups