"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Updates on the Family...

Jaden is doing awesome with potty training. He wears pull-ups now because that's much easier than taking a diaper on and off when it's time to go potty. The only reason we're not wearing underwear yet... is because of that stinky old #2. He never wets his pants... but every once in a while... the stinky stuff doesn't quite make it to the potty. He doesn't have any problems with it at daycare... but at home on the weekends... for some reason he wants to give Mommy and Daddy a hard time. That's okay though... we are so close to getting rid of pull ups and diapers for good... and I'm so excited about that.

He is in swimming lessons right now on Saturday mornings. The very first class, we didn't even make it through the whole lesson. The teacher asked the kids to put their face in the water at the very beginning of class, and that freaked Jaden out so he refused to cooperate at all the rest of the time. Cody had to pull him from the pool because he was being disruptive. I took him myself the following week, and he did much better. We talked a lot before going to the class, and I promised him that he didn't have to put his face in the water if he didn't want to - but that he had to listen to Mommy and the teacher and not cry when in the pool. So that second class, he actually surprised us by putting his face in the water -- not when he was told to... but on his own towards the end of the class. He just has to be able to do certain things in his own time -- hmmm.... kind of like his daddy. ;) The only other thing he struggles with is when it's time for them to do back floats. Every time I try and get him to flip onto his back, he tells me, "I'm scared!" So... we're working on it. The front floats he does just fine with. The class goes until the last weekend of April. I'm excited that next spring, Brandon will be in the class right before Jaden's. We will have two little fishies in the pool!

Brandon is a teething machine. The poor kid cannot get a break. Right now he is working on his top two eye teeth (the bottom ones just came in) -- and one of his bottom teeth on the side of his mouth. I did a mental count last night, and that puts him at 16 teeth. Which means... he only has his two year molars left! I'm really really hoping those hold off until he is two. Give us a long break before we have to endure that. :) He always has two super cranky days right before the tooth completely pops through. And I think that's one of the reasons that he's still not sleeping through the night. Right now he's working on three teeth at the same time. I don't remember the last time he hasn't been getting at least two teeth at the same time... it's been a very long time. Do I try and make him cry it out at night?? Yes. Sometimes for almost an hour. He does not give up, and we get less sleep than if we just get up with him for five minutes. Usually he only gets up once... so it's not horrible. If a tooth is just about to pop through, he might get up twice.

Aside from the teething, he is doing very well. He is a great walker now, and is getting faster at it, too. He's getting really good at being able to bend over and pick things up without losing his balance or having to hold onto anything. He's not saying words besides Mama and Da-da... but he is showing signs of wanting to start using words. He will point at an object and make a little - "eh?" sound -- as if to say, "What's that?" When we tell him what it is, he repeats it by using a sound that matches the same number of syllables as the words we gave him. This morning we thought he said "ball." He was pointing at some pictures of basketballs and baseballs in Jaden's room, and when I said, "basketball," -- Brandon said, "Ba!" He also sounds like he's tried to say "cracker" a couple of times when he's eating a cracker. He tries to bark at dogs. It doesn't sound anything like a bark -- but a very cute really high pitched "conversation." He only makes those noises when dogs are around... so we think it's his special doggy language. ;) He loves Patty-cake. If I even say the words patty-cake, he starts clapping his hands. This morning he was studying the body parts of his singing puppy toy. He kept pointing at the hands, feet, nose... while I told him what each part was. He's still our tiny little man. He's finally outgrowing his 6-12 month pants... but the next size up is quite long on him. We have to roll all of the pants he wears or they would be way too long. He's into 18 month shirts... but if they are 18-24 month. they are quite baggy on him. Jaden was definitey into 24 month clothes by this point. He's very much in love with his mommy and daddy right now. If one of us leaves the room, he walks around looking for where we went. He's kind of like a herding dog... he wants us all together in the same room all the time. ;) If Cody and Jaden go up to the bathroom, Brandon has to follow. If I run to our bedroom, he tries to find me. It's pretty cute. His favorite foods are bananas, yogurt, spaghetti, and we are letting him eat small bites of pizza now since he has so many big teeth in. He also loves cooked carrots that have been in the crock pot. He still is nowhere near the eater that Jaden was... however, we are seeing improvement. Probably because he's getting so active -- he needs more food for all of the energy he has!

Both of the boys LOVE being outside. Jaden likes watching the ducks that have made a home in our creek, and Brandon loves trying to use our big broom to sweep our driveway. ;) We went for a little walk last night, and Brandon had a permanent little grin on his face the whole time. We are ready to not have to wear our winter coats anymore!! Unfortunately, Jaden came down with another cold a few days ago, and Brandon was showing signs of getting it this morning. It doesn't matter how much we wash our hands, santize the whole house, and try and keep the two of them apart when one is sick... if one gets it... the other one is sure to follow. As Jaden was leaving the house with Cody this morning, he turned and looked at me from the doorway and said, "Mama, please pray today that I feel better." -- That broke my heart. He's feeling pretty miserable right now. Although I do think he seemed slightly better this morning than he did yesterday... so hopefully this won't be a long drawn out cold this time.

As for me and Cody (if anyone cares what we're actually up to) ;) ... Cody is getting very busy at work. He's even had to bring work home with him a few times in the last week. He is now responsible for doing all of the sales, bids and design for all of the landscaping projects... and they have had a request for some very very large jobs... so those bids are a big project for him right now. We are grateful for this though -- he's really doing a good job, and the owner is giving him some pretty huge responsibilities that are going to pay off down the road. I am getting ready for a very quick trip to Dallas next week. My company is having a "team building" event for the business development managers from all of our different office locations. I fly out on Tuesday afternoon and return Thursday morning. Our meetings take place on Wednesday. So... a very quick trip. I will only be away from home for two evenings -- but that is more than long enough for me. :)