"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Thursday, April 28, 2011


We had a very good Easter this year. Our boys are at great ages to really be able to enjoy holidays... and it keeps getting better. To kick off the weekend, I tackled some Easter cupcakes... It's hard to have the patience to individually decorate 24 cupcakes when you have two boys pulling at your legs the whole time... but they tasted really good.
The Easter Bunny came to our house on Saturday night and left a wonderful little spread for the boys to wake up to Easter morning...

You can't beat new Panther gear, new books, new movies, bubbles, treats, sandbox toys for our new sandbox... and he even brought our very first board game. He also knew what Easter baskets would match the boys' rooms very well. What a smart little bunny...
They had quite a bit of fun waking up to all of this! Even Daddy enjoyed one of their new books. (As seen here in the background of the picture below).
 After we enjoyed the morning at our house, we went to church. Papa and Nana Justis joined us. It was a great church morning -- Orchard Hill was packed. And Brandon didn't even cry when we dropped him off in the "sleeper creeper" room. This is only the second time in months that he hasn't cried when we've had to drop him off in the nursery room. In fact... the volunteers told me he had a lot of fun playing when we picked him up after the service. From church we went on to my parents' house for lunch, play and naps. I already posted this video once...but since it happened during lunch on Easter... I'll post it again. It's too cute.

Brandon Laughing on Easter

After the boys got their naps in we traveled to Cody's grandparents' house out in the country. The weather was pretty nice so we got to spend a couple of hours outside... which was definitely needed.

The boys had a blast... especially Brandon. He is our little daredevil. Cody's grandparents have a little electric car and a golf cart to ride around in on their property. Ella had a lot of fun driving that little "viper" around. Jaden refused to get in it with her... but Brandon LOVED it. He is our little daredevil. He will try anything willingly. Jaden prefers to sit back and skeptically watch others do it. ;)

Brandon also enjoyed having Daddy drive him around in the golf cart. I didn't get a picture of this though... I was too busy comforting Jaden who was actually crying tears by this point screaming for his Daddy to come back. This was after we attempted to get Jaden to ride on the golf cart himself. He was terrified to the point of not even wanting Daddy to be riding in it. What a funny little boy. Then it was time for the Easter egg hunt...
Is there an egg in there...?
There sure is!

Even Brandon got into the hunt...

By the time we got home that night we were all pretty tired. I realized I hadn't even gotten pictures of the boys in their matching Easter vests. This was the best I could do...
Jaden goes in for a kiss...
Jaden really is becoming a great big brother. It is so awesome watching his love for Brandon grow. Just this morning when he woke up Jaden said, "I love you SOOO much Brandon!" When Brandon cries, Jaden makes silly faces at him to get him to laugh. They are fun. :)

This was one of Brandon's favorite Easter presents from Papa and Nana Justis. This duck is too funny... he sings, flaps his wings and even laughs when you tickle his tummy!
Now that Easter is over... bring on 4th of July!! My goal is to keep both boys up long enough to see some real fireworks.

Here's a few pictures of what else we've been up to lately. A couple of weeks ago Cody left us for the whole weekend to go turkey hunting with his dad. The weather was cruddy which meant that I had to get creative and come up with some different things for the boys and I to do inside. I didn't feel like tackling Jaden's swimming lessons that Saturday morning by myself so instead we visited the Cedar Falls library for the very first time. It was so funny because we ended up seeing quite a few other people that we know there. Including one of the girls in Jaden's swimming class -- they hadn't felt like getting into the pool on that cold morning either! The kids played with some of the toys at the library. Jaden even sat down with the whole group for the "story time" -- but we had to leave early because Brandon kept wanting to go to the front of the room where the lady was reading the book... and he was kind of a distraction to the other somewhat older kids. ;) But... I did find out that they do story time at 10:30 every Saturday morning... so I think that's an activity we're going to start going to more and more especially next fall and winter.
On Saturday evening, Cody's mom took us to the McDonald's indoor playground in Waverly. Again... I think this is something we will probably do quite a bit next winter. The kids had fun, but Jaden would have had more fun if a buddy would have been there with him I think. He was a little nervous to go through the big play equipment and climb to the top of the big slide all by himself. Brandon wanted to be able to climb all the way to the top by himself but he was too young and little -- so he kept getting frustrated. Again... he's our little daredevil. It's so funny how different they are in some ways.

They both enjoyed this slide though...
Last weekend we picked out some new flowers to plant by our deck. Cody won a large UNI Panthers stone to go in our yard so I wanted some purple and yellow flowers to go around it. Jaden took an extra long nap that afternoon, but Brandon wanted to be outside to help Cody plant. He didn't help a whole lot though... he wouldn't hand over the shovel. He wanted to do all the digging by himself!

This weekend Jaden has his last swimming class of the year... and then we're hoping to get some sand for our new sandbox so we can finally play with our new sand toys the Easter Bunny was so nice to bring us. We need these temperatures to keep warming up!