"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, April 15, 2011

Playing Picture Catch-Up

*Our new hobby - sweeping and swiffering floors. I actually can't even try to sweep anymore if Brandon is around because he will immediately interrupt me and try to steal the broom from me. He then gets angry if I don't let him!

*Cheeser! ;)

*Cody tried to teach Jaden some Mario Kart. But... Jaden got a little rough with the controller so we are now down to only one. Kind of hard to play a two-person game with only one controller!

*We spent some time at the children's museum in Waterloo one afternoon. Both boys loved the giant fish tank!

*I know I'm his mommy... but gosh he is cuter than cute. :)


*Jaden getting ready to lead them on a little "saffari" ride. ;)

*First day getting to wear shorts! And on a side note... it is so hard to take pictures of him because the minute he sees the camera, he attacks me! ;)

*Love our water play table! Jaden especially loves water play. He got soaked right after I took this picture.

*They don't look very enthused here, but they both really enjoy walks. Whenever Brandon sees the stroller he immediately tries to climb into it by himself.

*A busy day of church and outdoor play makes for two tired little boys. Time for movies, snacks and water glasses.

*A horrible picture (he was ready for bed) -- but I wanted to document his curly hair after bath time.

*Cody's Uncle Randy had car trouble one night and stopped at our house. Cody went outside to talk to him, and both boys stood there patiently waiting for Cody to come back in. Brandon even yelled a couple of times... "Da da! Da da!!" As you can see from the finger prints on the door... Brandon likes to look outside quite a bit. ;)

*Jaden decided he wanted to cuddle with Brandon. He's getting a little more "nurturing" as time goes on. Still doesn't like when they are going after the same toy though. ;)