"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm Needing...

*70/80 degrees
*A weekend with a holiday thrown into it (Easter).
*Kabobs on the grill
*A trip to the park
*A picnic
*A church service (I was forced to miss this past weekend)
*A walk with the boys
*New episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice (seriously annoyed at how many re-runs they show).
*Warm enough weather to fill our new sandbox with sand and watch my boys get messier than messy in it.
*A good old fashioned grill-out. The kind with lots of family, lots of food, perfect weather, a glass of wine or a bottle of Corona, Jaden, Brandon and Ella running around everywhere... a grill-out just because.
*To see new flowers growing in my yard. Cody has made promises of pinks and purples and yellows this year.
*A reason to light our tiki-torches on our back deck.
*Shorts weather... to see my boys sport their cute little plaid shorts.
*A trip to "The Falls"... our local "pool."
*A summer holiday... Memorial Day... 4th of July... a reason to light sparklers and hear our neighbors let off fireworks.
*A wedding "date." Cody and I have at least four weddings coming up this summer/early fall. All within about six weeks of each other. I'm very excited to watch two of my closest friends from high school/college get married.
*To turn our heat off and open windows.
*10 new pairs of flip-flops. One in every color and some extras.
*A day so hot that the boys wear nothing but their swim trunks outside and all I can smell is their bodies completely lathered up with sunblock. I want to smell sunblock.
*A reason to wear my sunglasses again.
*A new summer dress... or two... for all those weddings we have to attend.
*A good daytime/early evening thunderstorm. I'm not asking for the wrath of God. Just a thunderstorm like they used to be. Where the sky gets really dark and exciting and 20 minutes later it's over.
*A trip to the petting zoo with Jaden and Brandon.
*A boat ride.
*To eat a Dairy Queen blizzard... not for the purpose of it tasting good... but because it's so hot... that it's the only thing that makes sense to eat. Pack the boys into the car, drive to the DQ, sit on the picnic tables and watch Brandon take his first try at a chocolate sundae.

Come on, April... quit acting like February.