"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Hello. My Name is Trouble."

My parents bought a shirt for Brandon a month or two ago that says, "Hello. My name is Trouble."

He's wearing that shirt today. It suits him perfectly.

Our "baby" is not a baby anymore. He is quickly turning into a troublesome toddler. A troublesome toddler that makes us pull our hair out one minute and then laugh hysterically the next. Cody summed it up perfectly last night after we put the boys to bed when he said we should expect a lot of trips to the emergency room in our future with our youngest son -- and that it will never be "easy" to stay mad at him for anything. Brandon is into and on top of and underneath everything. He is not afraid of anything. Sunday morning he fell down the steps in a completely head over feet, head over feet tumble. This was the first time it's happened, and luckily we live in a split level house so it was only about four steps that he fell down... but he wasn't very happy. How'd he fall? Because he continues to think that he can just take one step in front of the other and walk down steps by himself even though his balance isn't yet up to the task and his legs aren't nearly long enough to handle it. The last couple of nights he has been bound and determined that he can stand up in the tub and try and climb out of the tub all on his own. When we make him sit down and stop climbing, he gets very very angry. He wants to climb on top of and wrestle with Cody and I at every opportunity he can. Whenever I'm lying on my tummy on the floor, he climbs on top of my back and sits on me like I'm his horse. Then he starts bouncing around expecting a "ride." He climbs into and out of anything he can. Sometimes he does a good job of it, sometime it ends with him falling down and getting mad. Then he proceeds to do it again. At daycare, they can't keep him out of the little exersaucer that is intended for the smaller babies. He climbs into it on his own and then gets mad when he gets stuck because he's too big to get out of it on his own. But then after they get him out he goes right back to climbing into it again.

Besides being a monkey, he is a stinker. Meal times with him are never anything short of a messy disaster. He will be chewing his food and then decides mid-chew that he wants a drink. So instead of waiting until he's finished chewing and swallowing his food, he'll spit the food out of his mouth so that he has room to take a drink. Then he thinks it's funny to just spit his drink out for the heck of it. The other night he tried to tip his plate over so that all of the food would fall off. After his third attempt, Cody looked at him and said, "NO Brandon." And very lightly tapped the top of Brandon's hand when he said no. Brandon turned his head, looked up at Cody, scowled at him and proceeded to smack the top of Cody's hand in return. Then he smiled. Here we are trying to start some discipline -- but we can't hold in the laughter when that's how he responds to it. (I'm sure it won't be as cute when he's 24 months as opposed to 14 months old).

I cannot talk on the phone anymore. If I want to or need to talk on the phone, I have to take it into our bedroom and shut the door. If Brandon sees me talking on the phone, he insists on grabbing the phone from me and talking himself while he carries the phone around with him. Ask my parents -- they've had some interesting phone conversations with Brandon the last couple of days. Trying to put shoes and a coat on the kid is like trying to wrestle a wild animal. He doesn't want to sit still for anything. He is everywhere.

And we love him so stinkin'  much. He is the sweetest, most lovable, most adorable little boy. And we are so glad that he's ours. :)