"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, October 7, 2011

Picture Perfect

...So I may not have gotten as many pictures from last night as I would have liked to. I was busy trying to keep my kids from wandering off the Hartman Reserve trails into the woods... and the darkness crept in pretty quickly, which my camera didn't like too well. But the snap shots in our minds -- picture perfect.

Last night we decided to return to the same stomping grounds I use to frequent with my Nanny and Poppop. Hartman Reserve and the streets, homes and neighborhoods surrounding it are what I consider to be Cedar Falls' best kept secret. Tucked away in its own little peaceful world with lots of trees, small winding roads, unique houses -- and a whole lot of pretty. In fact, when my boss from Minneapolis went exploring here a couple of years ago, he came to work the next morning and said, "Wow - I didn't know THAT was in Cedar Falls. It's gorgeous back there!" It's where Cody would love to find a home someday a few years down the road. And we discovered last night that Fall is the perfect time to explore the trails...

...and one of the best parts about the walk? Every single step was met with a "crunch crunch crunch" beneath our feet. The simple sound of Autumn.

Brandon purposely shuffled his feet the entire way -- being sure to make as much noise as possible with the leaves.

At one point, he decided he wanted to help Daddy push the stroller, but he's too short. So... he found another way to help push...

Towards the end of our walk, I realized that most of my pictures were being taken from behind... so when I made a quick sprint to get ahead of the group, Brandon took that as a signal to chase me. If there was sound to go along with this picture, it would be high pitched baby squeals of delight...

When the walk was over and the sun was setting, we stepped out from beneath the cover of  the trees... and saw this.

I said, "Jaden! Look how pretty the sky is right now!" To which he replied, "God made that!"

Before heading home, we packed back into the car, rolled all four windows down, and drove through as many nooks and crannies surrounding the Reserve as possible. With a slight breeze and a setting sun, we drove by a park where families were gathering to watch their little boys play flag football, and we envisioned the days ahead when we'll be doing the same thing. It really was the perfect night. (Complete with Cody telling Jaden that "Just because it's flag football doesn't mean you can't hit anybody.") ---Sounds just like my husband, doesn't it?? ;)

Fall... stick around for a while longer, okay?