"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, January 30, 2012

A birthday party!

What a birthday it was for our Jaden! Daycare treated him to his own special day on Friday, followed by a night at Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday -- celebrating his fourth birthday at the same place his mommy celebrated her fourth birthday. Although a lot has changed since my fourth birthday... instead of Chuck E., I had Billy Bob... and I don't remember it being nearly as busy and crazy as it was for us this weekend. But the kids and the birthday boy had an awesome time... and that's what matters in the end. Get ready... lots of pictures ahead!

Jaden was so excited to get home on Friday night and tell me about his day. Julie made him his own cake with candles, they sang Happy Birthday to him and he got to open a couple of presents.

He also got to open a special package shipped all the way from Florida from Uncle Bob and Aunt Sally.

Saturday morning, Jaden helped me make his Bubble Guppies cupcakes (and lick the beaters). Brandon watched me mix up the frosting and decided he wanted to play with some water and blue food coloring, too.

At one point, Cody asked him to smile at the camera, and to our surprise - he did! We both couldn't stop laughing at the fact that for the first time in his young two years, he was actually willing to model for us. ;)

The birthday boy, himself!

Right before we left for the party, we revealed to Jaden his special present...

Now we can't wait for spring so we can try it out!

I was so grateful that Nana Deanne brought balloons to the house -- these helped to keep Brandon somewhat distracted from what was going on with Jaden and his new bike!

Finally party time!

We got Jaden his own little cake to eat. His response when he saw it? -- "But it's not big enough!" ;)

Our dear Brandon was obsessed with getting his little hands on some cupcakes. He was making attempts at this all day long... and throughout the entire party. And as you'll soon see... he did eventually succeed.

The man... er... mouse... er... big cheese, himself. ;)

Just as they love TC the Panther, our boys loved Chuck E., too.

Brandon wanted to be right up by the stage whenever Chuck E. was out from behind his mouse hole.

Time for some games! Jaden's first stop was the Mario Kart game. He finished in first place the first time he played it.

After a couple of rides, Brandon pretty much spent the whole night walking around in complete awe of everything.

Ella Bella. ;)

Brandon might have tried cheating just a little bit. ;)


...Finally! Caught red blue-handed!

Brandon checking out his little party bag...

...Bubble Guppies bookmarks, coloring book pages, a bottle of bubbles... and goldfish snacks. Goldfish snacks for a Bubble Guppies party... get it??? ;) (Cody laughed at me when I showed him the gift bags all put together. "You think of everything...")

 And Brandon has learned a new word. "Pop." ;)

 Finally time to open presents! His very first set of Nerf guns!

His gift from his little brother. :)

His new Mario Kart game from Mommy and Daddy!

How cute is this picture of these two cousins?? I melt...

While Jaden was opening all of his gifts, Papa Tim was able to distract Brandon with some more frosting. I'm shocked that this child actually slept that night!

Ella showing off her missing tooth!

Jaden got crowned by Chuck E.!

...And Brandon HAD to be up close and center. He actually sobbed when we had to drag him away so that other families could get pictures with the main mouse.

...The proof is in the frosting...

...And this is where we ended the night. ;) Lesson learned -- if you want a family picture, don't wait until the end! Jaden didn't want to stop playing games and Brandon wanted to fight his way back to the stage!

Another successful birthday party in the books! Thanks to our family for helping to make our big boy's day special. Happy birthday Jaden!!

And now... the countdown is on again. Brandon's special day is just one month away!