"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So I don't forget...

Our kids are changing so rapidly all of the time that I feel as though I have to write an update about them now - even though it's not one of their birthdays - or half birthdays. Although it is Jaden's birthday MONTH. It is so hard to believe that it has been four years since I was pregnant with him.

Still loves music. He received a play set of drums, microphone, two new guitars, MP3 player and new CD's for Christmas. He still walks around clapping constantly to some beat or song in his head. Sometimes he makes songs up in his head - sometimes he tries to sing real songs he's heard on the radio or at church. The other morning I heard him singing, "Glooo--ooooo-ooooo--ooorriiaaaa!" in the bathroom.

He is now a video game fanatic. He received a Wii for Christmas - we already owned a Ninentendo 64 - and he's gotten into playing Angry Birds on my phone. I've discovered that Angry Birds is a great way to get some extra sleep in the morning. He usually wakes up before Brandon (between 6/7:00 in the morning) -- but if he crawls into our bed, and I give him my phone, he can stay entertained with that for another hour while we continue to sleep. We are definitely teaching him that he does not get to sit and play video games ALL of the time. Now that we are back to work/school/daycare this will be much easier. He doesn't play video games or watch any TV during the day, so the half an hour at night after supper that he gets to spend on the Wii is perfectly okay.

He is doing outstanding learning his letters. We have made it all the way to letter H, and I'm so proud of him for how far he's come in such a short time.

He received a storybook Bible from us for Christmas. We read a chapter of it every night before bed along with a regular story book, and he loves it. In fact, I love it, too. It's the entire Bible written at the fourth-grade level, and I'm even learning things for the first time while reading it with him.

Loves preschool and was very excited to return this morning after Christmas break. He has a few kids that he seems to play with all of the time -- one of which is a girl named Lindsey. :)

He is still attached to the same blanket he used as a newborn.

He amazes us with some of the things he says. He's a smarty and picks up on everything.

Has heard a lot about hunting from Cody and is always mentioning that he wants to go hunting with Daddy. He wants to "die the geese" -- which means... kill them. ;)

Is not good at taking no for an answer right now. We are being much quicker about putting him in time outs if he whines after we tell him no.

Is really into getting "big and strong" right now -- so that he can play football and basketball. He says he wants to do both. We are signing him up for swimming lessons and soccer this spring.

He received a scooter for Christmas and will be getting his first real bike for his birthday in a few weeks. We are excited for spring!

Is really good with Brandon. He talks to him in the car all of the time, tries to "reason" with him and explain things to him. The only problems we have with these two boys is when they want the same toy... pretty normal brothers.

His favorite show is Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr., and he has gone back and forth on whether he wants a Bubble Guppies themed birthday party - or Mario instead. It's fun that he is now old enough to give me his opinion on things... although this, too brings about new challenges. :)

I don't even know where to begin with this one. He is a joy to us, and I find myself going back and forth between being so excited that he is growing up and so sad that he is growing up. I noticed yesterday that his 18-24 month size pants are actually fitting him finally without me having to roll them up. His little legs are growing - slowly - but they are growing.

In the last week, he is finally starting to say new words. Up until a week ago, the only words he really said were Mama and uh-oh. In the last week, he has started saying "hi" and "hot" -- although they both sound the same. He will see something that he knows is warm, point to it and say "hah!" He saw leftover cake sitting on the counter one night and shouted "cake!" He also has started saying "duck" and "clock." Although "clock" sounds exactly like "c*ck." ;) (I had to explain that one to our daycare lady this morning. He saw her clock on the wall and started shouting "c*ck! c*ck!!")

He is a great sleeper right now. At home, his naps average three hours long. We have realized that if we put him down closer to 2:00 rather than 12:30/1:00, he sleeps much better. He goes to bed around 8:15/8:30 at night and can sleep until close to 8:00 in the morning -- as long as our alarm clocks aren't going off in the neighboring bedroom.

Is not at all afraid to stick up for himself. We were at the Waverly playground McDonald's yesterday and watched him shout at another little boy who wasn't making room for him near some of the play equipment. About a month ago, he completely elbowed another toddler out of his way at church. Cody says he has "little man syndrome" because he's so small compared to other kids his age. Although he can be overly aggressive, he's also quick to try and make friends. He will go up to any other little person and immediately smile and wave to them. The ladies that watch him in the Sunday school toddler room are always telling us how much fun he is to have in the room because he is so happy and loves to play.

He is taking after his older brother and showing strong signs of loving music. He also now walks around clapping to the beat of songs and is becoming quite the little dancer. My dad bought them a kids music CD for Christmas, and we put that in their CD player last night for the first time. I couldn't stop laughing at Brandon's dance moves.

Doesn't like to play on his own. If I leave the area where he's playing, he follows me. If he wants us to join him somewhere, he will come to us and pull on our pant legs and hands until we get up and go with him where he wants.

He is impossible to take out to eat. He is such a little monkey and explorer, that he refuses to sit in a high chair and eat a full meal. We have pretty much given up on taking him anywhere for the time being. He did do a good job of eating at McDonald's yesterday, but we allowed him to sit in the booth sandwiched between Jaden and Ella. As long as he is treated like a "big boy" and allowed to do exactly what Jaden does, he behaves better. He also likes to drink out of a cup without a sippy lid. He used to be horrible about drinking his milk at supper, but I have discovered he drinks a lot more if we take the lid off. He will no longer eat pizza if we cut it up for him. He has to have the whole slice that he can bite off of. He is an independent little stinker. He also prefers hamburgers in his happy meal instead of chicken nuggets.

Loves looking at books that have objects in them he recognizes. He loves Christmas books and will stare at the same page forever if it has a Christmas tree or a Santa in the picture.

Might grow up to become a pilot or an astronomer. He LOVES the sky. He is obsessed with the moon and airplanes and can spot an airplane that is barely a speck in the sky. He also remembers watching the fireworks downtown Cedar Falls during Holiday Hoopla and now has a book with pictures of fireworks in it. We can't look at the rest of the book because he will only allow us to turn it to the page with the fireworks.

Is great at throwing temper tantrums.

Still doesn't have his two-year molars.

Still uses his pacifier way too much. Though I'm trying to hide it from him a lot more often, I'm not going to really try and squash this habit until he turns two. I think we're going to struggle with it... he is very attached to it. Luckily, he doesn't really use one at daycare, but he demands it at home.

Loves his big brother, and wants to be included in everything Jaden does. He also fights with Jaden for any toy Jaden has.

Is already showing a preference to the color orange. He will only use his orange pacifier (never the blue one), always chooses the orange crayon or marker and demanded the orange snack cup instead of the green one the other day.

Loves to play under a big blanket with Cody. He will not do this with Mommy -- it is a Daddy thing. He loves to tuck himself completely underneath it while Cody holds it over his head.

Although he's a wild child, he will actually sit still a lot better than Jaden will. If his favorite movies or shows are on, he will sit there and focus on it - unlike Jaden who has to constantly be fidgeting, moving, or walking in circles while clapping.

Knows where all of his body parts are - including his "dinky" and his bottom. :)

If he knows something is out of place or finds a small piece of garbage somewhere, he will bring it to us immediately so that we can take care of it.

Will sometimes let us know when he needs a diaper change but not consistently yet. We have sat him on the potty a couple of times, but haven't really tried to tackle potty training at all yet. We will do that when he turns two and probably get really into it in the spring when it's warmer and we can allow him to run around without pants on every once in a while.

We are about to have a four year old and a two year old in our home! It's so hard to believe that Brandon is almost to the age that Jaden was when Brandon was born. Time is flying, but I love the ages these two are at. They both give the best hugs and kisses and that makes all of the tantrums and fighting worth it!