"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Life has been so busy lately that I've been reminded often of one of my favorite quotes from Grey's Anatomy.

"We're grownups now. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?"

...This is how I feel sometimes when it's the dead of January and there's nothing ahead but 'Monday through Friday. 8-5.' Or during those months when the bills pile up, but the money doesn't. Or when I attend my husband's annual company party and can't make it past 10 p.m. before wanting the comfort of my bed and the assurance of a full night's sleep.

And then there's parenting. When you want time to slow down, freeze, pause. When you want time to last. Like my favorite roller coaster ride at Disney World that takes you from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds, I feel like my kids are on the fast track, and I'm barely keeping up. Maybe it was watching Brandon sit on the big potty for the first time, looking so stinkin' proud of himself before flushing the toilet and washing his hands. Maybe it was my first trip to my family doctor since LONG before I met Cody, where a diagnosis of Pleurisy was met with a much over-do Tetanus shot and the realization that the only doctor I'd been to in the last seven years was a baby doctor. Maybe it was Brandon refusing to wear his cute footy-pajamas last night, insisting that I take them off in exchange for a big boy pair of pants and a long-sleeve shirt. Maybe it was clicking the "Place Order" button for their bunk beds and realizing that in just a few more days, Brandon will no longer be needing me to place him in his crib and turn on his musical mobile at night. I so love his cozy crib.

Maybe it was spending my evening putting together 16 Valentine's Day goody bags thanks to a deadline at preschool asking us to have them turned in the week before Valentine's Day.

...And while stuffing those goody bags, there was knowing that we still had to do his letters homework, and a mental reminder that registration for spring soccer is in a couple of weeks.

Maybe it was writing on Brandon's SECOND birthday party invites. When all I want is for him to be forever young... running around our living room and playing golf in his diaper.

When all I want is for them to stay tucked away in our basement, playing Mario Kart. Safe from the outside world and in my constant keep.

Tucked away with their blankie and binky and wanting nothing but our cuddles at the end of a busy day.

Happy love-month, little ones. You're my heart.