"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Morning

Our first Valentine's Day together, I arrived at the UNI Football office to put in some hours and found a huge display of beautiful pink roses waiting for me on my desk. And of course was immediately bombarded by every single football coach asking me who the lucky guy was. I'm sure pink roses in a football office are not a site you see every day. That night, we celebrated with a wonderful meal at Montage and plans to get a puppy. Ha.

Boy, have we come a long way in five years.

How did Valentine's morning go in our little love shack today?

Cody had to be at work at 4:30 a.m. due to the weather. I have a huge day at work today filled with meetings so not being able to blow dry my hair and put on all my makeup wasn't really an option. I made an effort to get out of bed before my alarm, and Cody offered to come home at 6:30 for just a few minutes to help me with the kids. While doing my hair, the bathroom door flies open, and my two little Valentine's enter. "Happy Valentine's Day Mommy!!" They then proceed to fight over who gets to hand me my card, and Jaden eventually gives in. Brandon hands me the card, gives me a big hug, and then runs back to the living room to eat his yogurt with Daddy.

A few minutes later, Cody walks in, gives me a kiss, a sweet card, and then rushes back out the door to get back to work. I still am not dressed, and I haven't even started my makeup. He had scooted the boys downstairs so that they would hopefully play nicely for me while I finish getting ready. Unfortunately, they decided that they both wanted to play with the same UNI basketball (even though we have DOZENS of balls in our basement), so I spent 10 minutes rushing back and forth between the bathroom and the basement breaking up their fights. Makeup still not done. Eventually Brandon comes upstairs, walks into the bathroom (with the UNI ball - he must have won that round) -- and begins to cry for "Mama" and pulling relentlessly on my pant leg. While I'm trying to carefully apply my eyeliner. This results in him sobbing because I won't play with him, and I feel like a cruddy mommy. For a minute or two. Eventually he settles down and out into the living room we go.

Then I hear Jaden start crying loudly. I rush to the basement steps where I find him laying down on the steps, sobbing. He had fallen and smacked the back of his head against the steps. I sit there with him trying to comfort him, while Brandon comes down the steps and sits down next to us. He is very concerned about his brother, so in his way of trying to comfort him, he starts patting Jaden on the head. (Not very gently, I might add). This of course upsets Jaden even more because his head hurts. I have to pull out the "If you don't stop crying, you won't get to go to your Valentine's Day party at preschool!" Eventually this works, and we head upstairs for shoes, coats and to spend five minutes coloring on Daddy's Valentine's card that we didn't have time to give him yet. Bad idea on my part. Brandon gets mad when it's time to put the Crayons away, which results in more crying. In the mean time, Jaden had gone and grabbed his Bible to look at, which made Brandon run to the bedroom to grab his little baby Bible. And this resulted in a new word. Brandon said 'Bible.' I couldn't get him to repeat it, but I swear... he said it. At this point, they're both looking at their Bibles, and I have to tell them to stop so we can leave.

We somehow made it out the door on time. By the time I dropped them off at daycare, they were both incredibly excited for their day, in good moods, and said goodbye to me with big hugs and kisses.

This is a small glimpse into our chaotic little world. No romance, no lovey-dovey conversation over heart-shaped pancakes in the morning. No breakfast in bed. But it's real. It's what I've always wanted. And I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

Happy Valentine's Day to my loves. :)