"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am behind on everything these days. Behind on blogging. Behind on taking pictures. Behind on my quest to try a new recipe every week. Behind on laundry. Behind on sleep.

My desire to take a picture of every new moment - the winter decorations giving way to Easter colors, the first night outside complete with chicken on the grill, my newly painted home office, the four days in a row now that Brandon has only needed his binky at bedtime - all of it has come and gone while my camera has stayed put in its designated spot in the basket above our DVD's.  Life is moving so fast that sometimes I feel the need to just embrace each moment while its here instead of experiencing it from behind a camera lens. Besides... the kids' runny noses left little to be desired for about a week...

These two continue to make us so happy. And moving them into the same bedroom with bunk beds was one of the best decisions we've made yet. They are loving sharing their room, and Cody and I are loving the little bit of extra sleep we get in the mornings. As soon as they wake up, Jaden crawls down from the top bunk, grabs a bunch of books, and they sit together in Brandon's bed reading and looking at pictures. No longer yelling at us to come get them from their separate rooms right away, they bond over picture books. In fact, one morning I even walked in to see that Jaden was reading from their Bible, and Brandon was sitting right next to him, taking it all in. "And God's creation was very fun for him!!"

It's amazing how fast they grow from week to week. Today Brandon played with his Duplos by himself for an hour, singing to himself the whole time. Cody and I stared at him and couldn't believe how big he looked. Jaden starts soccer in a month, and rode his big boy bike up the street today for the first time. We continue to work on a new letter each week, and he continues to do very well with them. We've made it all the way to Q, and we're practicing having him write his name by himself more and more.

We're so happy it's Spring. I only have three more weeks in my current position at work. April will not only bring rain showers and Easter, but I'll finally be working from home full time. I have been waiting since last July! I'm most excited for the WINDOW in my new office (I've been without for three years), my own coffee maker, and being able to wear a tank top during work hours! (Oh... and my new computer arrives tomorrow... all expenses paid). ;)

New season. New life. New hope. New adventures. And hopefully many more new pictures ahead!