"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Brandon

It blows my mind that you, sweet boy, are two. Your first two years flew by so fast. My heart breaks a little more each day as you continue to grow, but it is so heartwarming to see you develop into your own unique wonderful little boy.

So much to love about you...

I love how you say "Mama." Your first word continues to be the word you speak most clearly, and I love hearing it when I walk through the door at night. I wish you could still call me "Mama" when you're 20. However, puberty will unfortunately take away the sweet high pitched tone by that point. When you grow, you can call me Mom or Mother. Just don't be embarrassed to hug me. Ever.

I love how you love your big brother. I love how you aren't afraid to defend yourself against him when going after what you want, but at the same time you look for Jaden's approval and show that you want to be just like him. When I found out we were going to have two boys, I dreamed of you being the best of friends. You're well on your way.

I love how seriously cute you are. I know I'm your mom, but since day one you have been complimented on your amazingly good looks by everyone who meets you. The girls are going to be lined up. Set your standards high. She won't be perfect, but I hope she's darn close. ;) I'm already praying for my future daughter-in-laws so I'm confident God's got that covered. Until she comes along, you're all mine. ;)

I love how wild you are. You are exhausting and make us pull our hair out. (Especially at meal times). But I would not want you any other way. You love life. Continue to live it up, little man.

I love hearing you say new words. Clock (cock), Cake, Cheese, Bible, Papa Bob, Nana, House (hoowww), Up, Cookie, Hot, High, Uh-Oh, Ow, ... every day is something new and exciting with you.

I love how feisty you are. As you grow, it will probably becomes less cute when you try to mouth off to us. But right now it sure is funny watching you try to spread your wings.

I love your cuddles. You can be such a stinker, but you are such a lover. Your daddy and I are so lucky that both of our boys have such a sweet, sensitive side.

I love that you're still so little. Your size worries your daddy a lot. I don't doubt that you will one day hit a monstrous growth spurt. For now, I cherish that you're still so tiny and compact. (And hey... if you don't grow... I'd like to recommend the position of running back. You could be that tiny little bugger that no one can find on the field. I'm hearing your name over the PA system... "Brandon Ubben carries fooooorrr the touchdown!!!")


I love how you love to make new friends. You aren't usually shy and will wave, smile and give high-fives to anyone you come across. We're told every Sunday that you are a joy to have in the church toddler room, and I love watching you interact with the other littles.

I love that you love to draw and color, and I can't wait to see what cool things you bring home from Art class.

I love your love of animals and all things outdoors. You love the moon, airplanes, watching birds fly and seeing squirrels on our big front tree. Your face lights up when you spot your favorite things, and seeing you happy is my greatest happiness.

I love how focused you can get when playing with certain toys or trying certain things. I can't decide yet if you're going to be the kid that's always in the Principle's office for being so rambunctious... or if you're going to be a good student with your devotion to trying to do everything perfectly.

I love how mischievous you are. There is no one with a personality or facial expressions like you.

I love your infectious laugh and how ticklish your thighs are.

I love watching you chew food. Your little face gets so serious and you furrow your eyebrows together. Your lips smack together, and when you try to take a big a big bite of something, you always feel the need to open your mouth far wider than necessary. Kind of like this...

I love watching you try to dance to the music and how you are taking after your big brother by clapping along to the beat of your favorite songs.

I love how you try to be so independent. You don't like to accept help with anything.

I love how you love to wrestle with your daddy. You are all boy.

I love how "chill" you can be. You're not afraid to completely relax in front of your favorite movie. As wild as you are, you also are able to sit still for long periods of time, and you're not afraid to let us know when you're in the mood to do just that.

I love the little things you do to show affection. Touching our cheek, laying your head on our head, putting your arm around us out of the blue. Looking up at us, saying our name, and leaning in for a hug.

I love (and hate) that you are fearless. From a very young age, you were putting your face in the water during bath time, jumping off of things, climbing things, trying things. You terrify us and thrill us at the same time. Keep jumping, and I'll continue to catch you.

I love how protective you are. When Daddy appears to be "attacking" me with tickles, you are quick to jump to my defense. When Jaden is crying from getting hurt, you are quick to sit by his side and pat him on the back or lean in for a kiss. When dropping you off at daycare the other morning, I was told by Julie that one of your little daycare friends kept saying "Mama" all day. You didn't like that and responded with "MY Mama!!" every single time.

I love your little attitude when we have to force you to wake up in the mornings. Often times, you protest by pulling the blankets over your head and yelling at us. You're a little spitfire. 

Thanks for lighting up our lives and filling our hearts...

I'm so thankful that we decided to go for number two - and got you.

Happy birthday, Baby. :)