"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Easter

There were the Easter egg cookies I attempted. (They tasted good).

A visit from the Easter Bunny... a big hit...

There was getting to watch the third installment of the Chipmunk movie series while Mommy got ready for church (thank you Easter Bunny for knowing EXACTLY what my kids would want to find in their buckets)... ;)
There was a beautiful, powerful church service and our oldest son running out of his Sunday school class exclaiming, "Jesus is ALIVE!!!" -- Complete with throwing his hands up in the air at the word 'alive.' Our little drama master...
There was Brandon refusing to take a nap at my parents' house in the afternoon and then insisting that he was ONLY going to be happy if we allowed him to be outside the entire time we were in Allison - despite the chill and the strong wind... (thank goodness for great-grandparents).

There was the traditional Easter egg hunt, followed by my boys' eating far too much candy. (Brandon refused to eat anything but candy for supper).

There was the very old swing at Cody's granparents' that put our nap-less two year old into a sleepy trance...

There was Grandma Alda's amazing chocolate chip cheesecake (and the four slices I brought home with me).
There was beautiful "music." ;)

There was an overly-tired two-year old at bedtime. After lots of crying in his bed (which never happens), it took just two minutes in a dark living room, a rocking recliner and Daddy's shoulders to finally put him to sleep.
Today, we start a new journey at a new daycare. And this week... I officially become a "soccer mom." More to come!