"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Sunday, April 15, 2012

That's what I love about Sunday...

...que Craig Morgan.

I've long been a fan of Sundays. Especially when Sundays in college used to mean catching up on all the homework and paper-writing I'd been putting off all week. I can remember right after graduation when I started working full time, one of the biggest things I appreciated the most was that my Sundays actually felt like Sundays again.

And now that I know my Monday mornings will involve working from home, Sundays feel different yet again. They just keep getting better.

This Sunday looked like...

..."Sleeping in." (7:30). The boys in khaki and plaid shorts, Mommy in jean capris, flip-flops and sandals.
...Coffee at church, a powerful teaching, some quiet tears during I Will Rise and a four-year old's declaration after Sunday school, "I learned that Jesus is always with ME!!"
...A HyVee run completed with the purchase of my favorite fixings for the grill... (and a look at the live lobsters... always a must with our little guys).
...Three boys wrestling on the living room carpet after lunch... and a squirrel putting on a show for us right in front of our living room window.
...Pre-nap outside play. Tball practice with our four-year old and a muddy and wet two-year old that loves to throw rocks into water puddles at the end of our driveway.
...Dandelions picked by my youngest, who bundled them up in his hands and proudly brought them to me with a big smile on his face (after whispers in his ear from his daddy to do so).

...A quiet house during naps, time to finish Karen Kingsbury's latest, and a last minute decision to surprise our boys with a pet. (More to come). ;)
...A visit from the grandparents who brought home little gifts from their week in Palm Springs. (Once their luggage finally arrived at home... a day later than they did).
...An afternoon spent blowing bubbles and throwing rocks into the creek while surrounded by signs of Spring.

...Chicken and steak kabobs on the grill. I'm a sucker for peppers and onions. I can't get enough. We're even talking about starting to grow our own peppers.

...Two cuties in a bubble bath. Nothing is sweeter than watching bubbles replace the mud on a toddler's hands.
...Our tradional Sunday evening Dairy Queen Blizzards and Scandal on the DVR.

Looking forward to the week ahead. To more soccer practices, quiet mornings at my desk with my coffee and the Today show... and the release of Nora Roberts' latest thriller. I'm obsessed.

Have a good week everyone!