"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer Bucket List

From Maryhill Dr. to Rainbow Dr...

My memories of the summer growing up include pool parties in our own backyard, bike rides with Casey and James up and down our neighborhood hills, games of Horse with our basketball hoop, days of boating on Clear Lake, Nerf gun fights and Ghost in the Graveyard. Daily trips to Ray Edward's, The Thuringers' backyard trampoline, the Farley's backyard swingset and the Zinks' extra warm backyard pool.

Now that I have my own little's, it's time to re-create... and make some new.

Summer Bucket List - 2012 Edition

1. The kids' first trip to Adventureland.
2. 4th of Jully fireworks, lawn chairs and the boys up way past their bedtimes.
3. Many trips to The Falls.
4. A visit from Casey in July... the best friend that is part of all of my childhood summer memories.
5. Register Jaden for Vacation Bible School.
6. Make a summer drink.
7. Soak up all that we can of Sturgis Falls weekend.
8. Rent a pontoon boat.
9. Sit outside Cup of Joe and watch people walk up and down Main St.
10. Attend a really big summer party with Cody.
11. Throw meat on the grill... as much as possible.
12. Buy a picnic table for the boys.
13. Have a squirtgun fight.
14. Plant some flowers.
15. Evening walks as the sun goes down... Brandon on his three-wheeler, Jaden on his bike.
16. Fly a kite.
17. Go to a zoo.
18. Catch lightning bugs.
19. A family picnic at the park.
20. Buy ice cream from the ice cream truck.
21. Try a new recipe every week.
22. Eat S'mores around a fire.
23. Actually get a tan.
24. Move my work-from-home office to our back deck once a week.
25. Put our house on the market...???????
26. Make homemade milk shakes.
27. Buy a new swimsuit.
28. Tour the bike trails.
29. Family trips to Dairy Queen.
30. See a summer blockbuster.
31. Take lots of pictures...
32. Add to this list!

From summer's past...