"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Our lives are transitioning a little bit. After four years of raising babies and toddlers, we now have a home filled with the laughter and play of young boys. Our little ones aren't quite so little anymore, and with their aging has come a new kind of weekend. Where Sundays actually do mean relaxing instead of chasing a clumsy toddler from one room to the next or making sure a bottle is ready every three hours. Our kids play together nicely without too much interference from us and are getting better and better at entertaining themselves so Mommy can actually clean the bathroom. Though I miss infant cuddles, the sweet milky smell of a newborn and chubby baby thighs, I'm somewhat relieved that life has slowed down a little. Now, instead of middle of the night feedings and 5:30 a.m. toddler wake-up calls, we have soccer, Vacation Bible School, preschool field trips and swmming lessons. It's a new kind of busy, but it's also somewhat freeing. And whenever I do get the "baby itch," I simply remind myself of our monthly daycare bill. YOWZA.

Our weekend recap:


...There was Ella's birthday party, Brandon eating two pieces of cake (thanks Papa Tim), and Mommy drinking two glasses of wine.


...A morning trip to Target where Brandon found a book that he could just could not put back on the shelf. So... we added it to our bookshelf at home.

...There was Daddy having to work all day and Mommy and her boys working on their tans.

This water table was purchased a couple of years ago, and it is still some of the best money we've spent. Jaden and Brandon played at this table for a solid hour before naps, and it was the quietest I've ever heard them. They were so incredibly content, and after naps were over, we went right back out and did it again.

...There was a new basket of pretty Citronella candles from Pier1. Bring on summer... (but not mosquitos).

...There was an entire evening spent outside. While Daddy killed weeds, the boys worked on their fundamentals, and I read my US Weekly magazine from a deck chair.

...There were moments like this. When I say I'm proud of our boys' relationship, this picture says why...


...There was church and the last Sunday before bump up week. Next weekend our boys "graduate" to their respective older rooms for Sunday school for the next year.

...There was my weekly grocery shopping trip and our first lunch off our new charcoal grill. Last weekend, Cody's Grandpa Don gifted it to us because he never used it. Though we love our gas grill, we'll definitely be putting the charcoal one to use when we can afford to take our time.

...There was Daddy finishing a report for work and Mommy's boss texting her from overseas needing the phone number for a hotel in England after he lost Internet access...

...There was Jamie Farley's graduation open house. Coach Farley's daughter has grown from the cute little girl I babysat on Maryhill Dr. to the gorgeous young lady that will be playing volleyball at Wartburg next year. It was fun to look at all of the pictures of the young Jamie I remember... and to get Coach Farley's opinion on our quarterbacks for this fall!

...There was a new recipe. Roasted Garlic Potato Soup. Even our boys ate their bowls clean, saying "yummy!" over and over again. Paired with some dinner bread... it's a keeper. And boy did our house smell good.

...There was practicing our letters and being introduced to the letter 'V'.

Treating ourselves to Dairy Queen's new Cake Batter Blizzard tonight before a busy week ahead. Jaden's last week of preschool, and I actually have to go into the office a couple of days!