"When you called me to be a Mama, You didn't ask for perfection. But that with every breath, I'd point them to You."

Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Photo Dump and a Vacation Bucket List!

The upcoming nine days are all mine. Well... I do have to share them with my rambunctious little boys... but I'm okay with that. Because I've got plans...

Last year, I didn't get a summer vacation. I actually tried to take one... but plans got derailed. Oh boy, did they ever. It was actually exactly a year ago now that our plans for a mini-trip to a waterpark got replaced with two weeks in the hospital for Cody, multiple midnight ER visits, a surgery, a severe blood clot and two months of... well... for lack of a better term... hell.

This year, my plans are to soak up the sun, soak up my boys' giggles, soak up a visit from a dear friend and soak up a roller coaster or two.

Summer Vacation, 2012. The Bucket List:

...a post-lunch trip to Scratch!
...take a swim in the Beaver Hills pool!
...visit Cup of Joe and take a walk up Main St.
...try a new park...
...make 4th of July treats, have a cookout, keep the boys up past their bedtimes to watch fireworks...
...put our library card to use...
...the kids' first trip to Adventureland!
...go to the petting zoo...
...eat our lunch on a picnic table...
...go to the beach?!
...spend time with Uncle Casey in Iowa City! Maybe stop at the Iowa Children's Museum?
...visit the bookstore and let the boys pick out some new reading material while I sip on a Starbuck's frappe...
...put our pool pass to The Falls to good use...
...work on our basement paint project?

Have a great week, everyone! I'll be back to update on our progress. :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mowing the yard... a family affair

A month and a half ago, I told you all about Jaden and his desire to mow with his daddy.

Since then, Jaden asks Cody almost every single night if they can mow the yard. He is quick to point out to us that the grass is always growing, getting longer every day... and in his mind, it needs to be mowed almost nightly. He'll even point out a patch or two in the yard that is longer than the rest - just hoping Cody will find it necessary to get the lawn mower out. Every time Cody has mowed the lawn this season, Jaden has joined him with his little toy mower, delighting in "doing work" with Daddy... while Brandon watches from the sidelines.

Well last night, Cody decided to use the riding lawn mower from work rather than our own push mower. This presented a new opportunity for Jaden to ride along on his John Deere tractor... and Brandon stepped up to the plate with his little push mower. All three of them... the whole yard.

It did take Brandon a little time to warm up to the idea. He's not a fan of loud noises so he felt the need to keep his distance from Daddy at the beginning...

But soon enough... off he went...

I'm sure we make quite the picture for passerby's on Rainbow Dr.!

The push mower in thick grass is tough work for these little legs!

Every once in a while, I caught a glimpse of a smirk on Cody's face. I know he feels great pride that his little boys are trying to be just like him!

Getting tired...

"All done, Mommy?!"

Monday, June 25, 2012

This weekend...

What I'll remember from this weekend...

The way our town comes together for Sturgis Falls.

I think the small town celebration Gods decided to shine down on our cute city this weekend. The weather was perfect, and even with chances of rain and a cloudy sky Saturday morning, the sun broke through right when the parade was ready to start. There's something about this celebration that is just a little extra special than most. I haven't quite put my finger on it... but whatever it is... it must be the reason that we are raising our family here.

I will remember getting individual dishes of ice cream for my boys and a chocolate shake for myself... only to have Brandon completely snatch my chocolate shake away from me. I love my chocolate shakes. I love him more.

I will remember that it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies. Because lets be real here... life with two young children will never go exactly how you have it painted in your mind. Taking the boys to the carnival was close to a disaster. Brandon only wanted to go on the rides that he wasn't tall enough for, and Jaden pouted the entire way home when it was time to leave the rides. $20.00 later, we walked away with unused ride tickets and a very tired two-year old.

I will remember how excited they were Friday night for the parade the next morning and that I had to go into their bedroom multiple times to tell them to settle down and go to sleep. I had made the mistake of promising Brandon that he would see firetrucks in the parade, and his little mind couldn't settle down after that. Every time I walked into his room tryiing to get him to quiet down, he would pop straight up out of bed and shriek -- "Firetruck?!"

I will remember what seemed to have been the biggest parade in Sturgis history. People were lined up hours in advance and our Main Street was packed!

I will remember getting to the parade an hour early and how well behaved our boys were while they waited. Eating snacks, drinking juice and watching the people.

I will remember Brandon stroking the back of Cody's neck and resting his head on his shoulder...

I will remember Santa paying us a visit on our blanket... Brandon wasn't so sure of him while he was with us but immediately wanted him to come back once he walked away! I think Santa was just checking up on us... it's only six months until Christmas, you know...

I will remember T.C. spotting Jaden in the crowd, and crouching down to Jaden's level on the back of his truck... just to throw Jaden a special hello wave.

I will remember our night at the pool. The water was warmer than the outside temperature, and poor little Brandon was freezing when trying to swim. So instead, he sat poolside with Mommy while watching Jaden, Papa and Daddy splash around in the water. My little munchkin can be such a cuddler... and after Daddy got out of the pool, Brandon curled up on Daddy's chest, cozy in his towel and rested his head on Daddy's shoulder. Blue lips and all.

I will remember sitting outside on Sunday afternoon, Daddy gone fishing, resting in my lawn chair while listening to my boys play together in the sandbox so nicely for half an hour. Those two communicate so well together, and for those 30 minutes I didn't have to intervene once.

I will remember Brandon getting a chilli pepper flake in his eye and that the only thing that would calm him down was me singing him a song I made up on the spot.

Hush little baby, Mommy's here
And I'm going to wipe away all your tears
You're going to be okay in my arms
Cuz Mommy loves you more than all the stars...

That song has now been requested dozens of times in the past 24 hours. "Mommy's song!"

Lots to get done for work this week... because next week we're on vacation!